Rule Changing in October: Many rules will change from October 1, complete this work as soon as possible otherwise there will be huge loss.


Rule Changing in October

Saving account rules

Some changes have been made in the rules of Small Saving Scheme by the Central Government. Those investing in Small Savings Scheme will be required to update their Aadhar card information. If you do not update the Aadhaar information in your account, your account will be frozen from October 1. Then you may have to face trouble to start it again. In such a situation, first of all link the Small Savings Scheme account with your Aadhaar.

Rule Changing in October

Nominee is mandatory in demat account

According to SEBI guidelines, people who trade in the stock market and have a demat account. It is mandatory for them to update the nomination in their account. SEBI has given 30 September deadline for this. Earlier, SEBI had extended this deadline by one year. In such a situation, extending the deadline again is not being considered. Those who will not update the name of the nominee in their account. His account will be frozen.

Rule Changing in October

mutual fund nomination

Like demat account, SEBI has made it mandatory for mutual fund investors to update their nomination. Its deadline has also been set as 30 September. If the account holder does not process it then the account will be frozen. After the account is frozen, you cannot do any kind of transaction. It is being told that SEBI is doing this so that after the death of the investor, his funds can be easily given to the beneficiary.

Rule Changing in October

Deadline for exchanging Rs 2,000 notes

After demonetization, Rs 2000 note was introduced in the market by the Government of India. Now the Reserve Bank of India has announced in May that Rs 2,000 notes will have to be deposited by 30 September 2023. After this these notes will not remain in legal tender. In such a situation, you should immediately exchange or deposit the Rs 2,000 note. Otherwise your money will be wasted after 30th September.

Rule Changing in October

Birth certificate mandatory

Birth certificate will be required by the Government of India for all tasks like admission in school, college, application for driving license, adding name in voter list, Aadhaar registration, marriage registration or government job application etc.

Rule Changing in October

Changes in TCS rules

The rules of TCS are being changed by the Government of India. Understand it this way, if you are buying a tour package to go abroad, then you may have to pay TCS of 5 percent on a tour package worth Rs 7 lakh. Whereas, if the price of the tour package is more than Rs 7 lakh, then you will have to pay around 20 percent TCS for it.

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