Russia Thermobaric Bomb : Russia Builds Thermobaric Drone To Counter US Cluster Bomb In Ukraine War


Moscow : The war between Russia and Ukraine has completed its 500 days. In this fight, both sides are using one to one destructive weapons. In response to America’s cluster bomb, Russia has now demonstrated a new weapon that is almost ‘impossible’ for the target to avoid. Drones and thermobaric weapons have been in constant discussion since the start of the Ukraine war, and now the terrifying capabilities of the two seem to be converging. This new weapon has been designed to destroy a specific enemy object.

Russia’s new drone, like other thermobaric weapons, ranges in size from 2 to 4 kg. It is particularly effective at targeting buildings and fortifications, which means it cannot be ‘hidden’. Thermobaric bombs are more dangerous than ordinary weapons. They burn the oxygen present in the lungs of humans, which leads to their painful death. First cluster bombs and now Russia’s new thermobaric drone, news of the new weapons comes at a time when a military expert told the DailyStar that the prospects for a quick solution in Ukraine looked “minimal”.

America will now give deadly cluster bomb to Ukraine, 120 countries of the world have banned it, know why it is dangerous

Will the war in Ukraine last until 2026?

General Sir Richard Barons has said he thinks the war in Ukraine could possibly last until 2026. He explained, ‘I think that probably in 2024, 25 or 26, Ukraine will reach a point where it will feel that it can no longer remove the Russian occupation of the region militarily. Then the West will encourage him to move forward through other means, such as politics or diplomacy. He said that the conflict has come to a standstill as neither side is able to move forward by fighting and is also not ready to accept defeat.

Question on America’s cluster bomb

A few days ago there was news that America would give cluster bombs to Ukraine against Russia. More than 120 countries have banned this bomb, considered destructive against humanity. Therefore, questions are now being raised on this decision of America. This bomb can also be fired from 155mm cannon. Cluster bombs are packed in a box. After the explosion, many small bombs come out of it and spread over a large area and cause huge destruction. Common citizens often come under the grip of those bombs which do not explode.

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