Russia Ukraine war is having a profound impact on the economies!


The Russia-Ukraine war, which started on 24 February 2022, is not taking the name of stopping and it has been more than a quarter of a year since the war started. In both the countries, no country is ready to back down in the war and the war is going on continuously. Meanwhile, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has once again appealed to Putin on the phone to end the Ukraine war. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has said that efforts should be made to find a solution to this matter through mutual dialogue and diplomacy.

Putin took the prime minister’s advice seriously, but accused Ukraine of flatly refusing to engage in dialogue and diplomacy with Russia. This is not the first time that the Prime Minister of India has made such an appeal for a ceasefire. Even before this, the Prime Minister had appealed to resolve this matter at the earliest. I would like to inform that in the summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, meeting Putin face to face, he had advised Putin to end the war. Then Putin had assured the Prime Minister of India that he would definitely follow his words, but as soon as he returned, he intensified the attacks on Ukraine. Let the readers know that the Ukraine war with Russia has triggered one of the most serious humanitarian crises in Europe since World War I. The Russia-Ukraine war is having a profound impact not only on the economies of both the countries but also on the economies of the entire world. The war between the two countries has increased poverty and hunger in the world. There has been an unprecedented jump in food prices and this is the reason why people in many countries in the world have come below the poverty line. It is being told that if the war between the two countries continues for even longer, it could lead to a greater risk of unrest in some regions from sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America to the Caucasus and Central Asia, while Africa And food insecurity is likely to increase in parts of the Middle East. Russia Ukraine war has seen an increase in oil and natural gas prices today. Both countries are major commodity producers, the war has led to a boom in the market. The war has had a special effect on the commodity trade.

Various services and travel have also been disrupted due to the war. If the Russia-Ukraine war continues, it is bound to affect India as well, as Russia is India’s largest and most reliable supplier of military hardware. It is because of Russia that the S-400 air defense system has enhanced India’s defense capability against China. Moscow is also a trusted ally of India in the United Nations Security Council. Not only this, Russia is an important partner of India in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear energy. In fact, both the countries should take steps towards resolving the war, because war is not a permanent solution to any problem. Today Ukraine is almost completely ruined. Russia has also suffered. There has been a lot of damage to property, money and lives in both the countries. The war has badly affected the economies of both the countries. The truth is that now is the time to restart the dialogue between the two countries. India has a golden opportunity to take initiative in the direction of mediation. India has consistently maintained dialogue and diplomacy as the only solution, as India has always believed in the principles of Panchsheel. I would also like to inform here that mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, mutual non-aggression, non-interference in each other’s internal affairs, equality and mutual benefit, and peaceful co-existence are the five principles of the Panchsheel Pact. However, all the countries of the world are looking towards India that if it mediates then the Russia-Ukraine war can stop. Anyway, Russia has been a friendly country of India and as far as Ukraine is concerned, let me tell you that the Prime Minister of India had also talked to the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, in connection with the ceasefire. After the talks, Ukrainian President Zailensky had also shown his positive attitude on this, but it is very serious, sensitive and important that in this war going on for almost a quarter of a year, both the countries have become entangled in the global alliances in such a way that they Can’t find a way out of it. I would like to inform that America gave maximum military aid to Ukraine and after that Britain also did the same. Last year, America gave $2.5 billion military aid to Ukraine, which is a huge aid and in the year 2023, America has promised to give the same amount to Ukraine. Western countries are continuously helping Ukraine. I would like to inform that in January, the US and Britain promised to give Ukraine the Challenger 2 tank and Germany its Leopard tank. Since the beginning of the war, Ukraine’s allies have been giving it weapons and other military aid worth two billion dollars every month. . According to one figure, America has given more than twenty-five billion dollars in aid to Ukraine. Russia wants Ukraine not to join NATO, but Ukraine is considering itself safe only in NATO membership. Western countries associated with NATO are in support of Ukraine, while Russia is against all of them. I would like to inform that Russia has the support of China, which continues to challenge the supremacy of America, France, Germany, Britain. In this way, in the Russia-Ukraine war, today the world is divided into two poles and the threat of third world war is looming over the world. Inflation has increased today due to Russia-Ukraine war, the whole world’s supply seems to have been interrupted somewhere. Today no country is openly coming forward in Russia Ukraine war conflict but western countries are supporting Ukraine and other countries of the world are supporting Russia. The environment has also been adversely affected by the Russia Ukraine war. Ukraine is called a basket of the world in terms of grain production, but the war has had a special impact on the fertility of the land and the environment. India has good relations with both Russia and Ukraine and America with Britain as well. In the current situation, various western countries want India to mediate between Russia and Ukraine. At present, India is presiding over the Group-20, so its responsibility has increased to stop the war by putting pressure on the countries of this group.

(The article is not intended to hurt anyone’s sentiments.)
, Sunil Kumar Mahla

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