Ruthless murder of children in Badaun


Regarding the brutal murder of two children in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh, the police say that ‘Sajid has a salon in a rented shop in the neighborhood of contractor Vinod Singh. On Tuesday evening he suddenly reached Vinod’s house. His mother, home guard Munni Devi, told that Sajid was familiar to him as they were neighbours. He said that his wife is due to give birth tomorrow and he needs a loan of five thousand rupees. He asked to talk to Vinod’s wife Sunita. Sunita, after talking to her husband on phone, told Sajid, wait for some time, I will give you the money. He went to the second floor saying to wait. There Vinod’s sons Ayush and Ahaan were murdered by slitting their necks. After about 20 minutes, when the third son Piyush reached the terrace, he screamed after seeing the dead bodies of both the brothers.

Sajid also attacked him, but he survived. Hearing his scream, everyone ran towards the terrace and Sajid ran away. According to the police, Sajid was arrested after some time. They were bringing him in the vehicle when suddenly he jumped and started running towards the forest. Fired from the pistol. He was killed in police retaliatory firing. Inspector Gaurav was injured by a pistol bullet. SSP said that there was information about three attackers, but Vinod named Sajid as the attacker. People told that Sajid’s two newborn children had died in the past. Now the wife is about to give birth again. There was discussion that the third child should survive, so Sajid took the help of Tantra-Mantra. Under the same, Vinod’s sons were murdered. There is also a possibility of drinking blood due to the presence of blood on his mouth. Although the police is denying.

When Sajid was killing two sons of neighboring contractor Vinod Singh, Ayush (12) and Ahaan (8), his mother was making tea for Sajid in the kitchen below. Sajid is accused of killing children and drinking their blood. Sajid’s father and uncle have been arrested by the police and raids are on to search for another one. The action taken by Sajid reflects the demonic nature of humans. Now, along with trying to politicize this incident, an attempt is also being made to give it a communal colour, whereas looking at the entire incident, it should be considered a grave criminal incident. The reason behind this incident, whether it is tantra-mantra or something else, will be known only after investigation. But all the culprits associated with the incident should be given the harshest punishment. This must be ensured by the police and administration.

According to Atharveda, ‘fight against those who do evil, that is, adopt the policy of non-cooperation, opposition and conflict with them.’ Similarly, it is said in Rig Veda that ‘Do not let the wicked move forward.’

Today’s bitter truth is that the dominance of evil people is increasing in the society, that is why crimes are increasing. The need of the hour is that both the society and the government should launch a united campaign against the evildoers so that such inhuman incidents can be curbed.

-Irwin Khanna, Editor-in-Chief, Dainik Uttam Hindu.

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