SAFF Championship : ‘Bharatch Badshah!’; Kuvetla Namvat Saf Championshipche Navayanda Winnerpad Patkavale


Pudhari Online Desk : In the final match of the SAFF Championship held at Bengaluru, India won the title of Navayanda tournament by winning the penultimate 4-5 penalty. (SAFF Championship)

From the beginning of Samanya, both Sanghani resorted to aggressive game. Samanya’s 14th minute, Indian Union’s defender, Shabib Al Khalid, scored a goal to give Sanghala a 1-0 lead. To reduce the Aghadi, the players of the Indian Federation attacked quickly. But, due to the performance of Kuwait’s defenders, India could not score a goal. (SAFF Championship)

Samanya’s 34th minutela Lalinjhula Chhangtene brought Sanghala back into the match after scoring a goal. After this, both Sanghani made many attempts to score a goal, but due to the excellent performance of the defenders of both Sanghani, there was no second goal in the whole time. With the score tied at 1-1 in the scheduled 90 minutes, the match was played in extra time.

In this, both Sanghani Aghadi made many efforts to destroy. But he is not good at finishing goals. Because of this, the referee took the decision to take Samanyachaya out in the penalty shootout. In this, India defeated Kuvetcha 4-5 and won the title of Navayanda SAFF Championship.

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