Sale is going to start on Amazon, huge discount is available on these devices


Blaupunkt is back, but this time with an Amazon Prime Day sale. With 45 thousand new products, Blaupunkt has added to the excitement of its new launches. BTW100 Extreme and SBW550 soundbars, to bring you beautiful, educational, high-quality audio and pocket-friendly devices. The BTW100 Extreme earbuds come with 99 hours of battery life and TurboVolt technology for faster charging. Sonic radar microphones capture and deliver beautiful sound, two in one earbud. The Blaupunkt Crisper ENC Tech uses these 4 microphones to deliver clear and crisp conversations by filtering out ambient sound. BTW the 100 Extreme has very low latency, allowing movement and sound to blend seamlessly. Gaming becomes even more exciting.

If you like racing, you will feel the speed. If this is a war game, be prepared to feel the heat of battle. Design wise, the charging case is sleek and slips in and out of your pocket without any hesitation. Has large lips and is comfortable for long periods of use. The charging case has LED lights to show the battery status. Bluetooth version 5 is installed in it. It provides enhanced sound experience which is much better than the standard. Solid sound separation, clear highs and lows, and thumping bass, all in one. All in just ₹799/-.

The SBW550 soundbar is extremely contemporary and feature-packed, and produces sound quality well above its price. What stands out for this soundbar is its flawlessly balanced performance and the immense amount of resources provided by the cutting-edge technology. Any frequency can be heard here with an audio output of 250 watts of pure sound. It works optimally without any error or effect.

Its unique and educational remote is equipped with modern technology. The design includes every essential function. All sound modes, balance, faders and other controls will be under your control. The price of Blaupunkt SBW550 is ₹ 9999/-.

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