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The show ‘Bigg Boss OTT-2’, which started two weeks ago, has become quite popular, but the audience is troubled by two incidents that happened in this episode. Because of these two incidents, Salman Khan publicly apologized to the audience. Salman also said that if such incidents happen again, he will leave the show.

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Last week, both Akanksha Puri and Zaid Hadid were seen kissing for 30 seconds. Because of this, the Bigg Boss OTT show came to be known as an adult show. At the same time, the audience expressed their displeasure and said that all this is going on for TRP. This incident was just fresh that another incident happened in Bigg Boss house. Zaid Hadid takes off his pants in front of Babyka Dhurve. After this, there was chaos in the whole house. Babika stormed into the house. he said dramatically in front of the door of the Bigg Boss house. Salman Khan took the news of both these incidents fiercely, but both these incidents have troubled the audience. The result was that Salman publicly apologized to everyone.

At the beginning of the weekend, Salman said, “A lot has happened in the last week that you want to know and I want to know. You and I have many questions regarding this. Many people did not like what happened in the show. We can’t do anything about people who like it, but I am the host of this show. People do similar things on the show. If these people keep doing such things then I will not host the show.

I’m sorry I don’t want to show such content in my show. So I apologize on behalf of all of them. I will try to ensure that such incidents do not happen again. I know many families have started watching the show after the last two seasons. That’s why I want the family to sit together and watch my movies, that’s why I want them to watch this show. I don’t know how you will react to all this. But I do not support any of these incidents.

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