Sana Khan does not want to lose weight immediately after the delivery of son Syed, said- child is priority


Sana Khan, who left showbiz in October 2020, married Surat-based businessman Maulana Anas Syed. After this, on 5 July 2023, she gave birth to a son. He gave this information to the fans on Instagram in a unique way. After three days, the couple also named the son. Told that they have named him Syed Tariq Jameel. Now in an interview Sana Khan has talked about post pregnancy weight loss. They said that

In a special conversation with ‘ETimes’, Sana Khan said, ‘This is the best feeling in the world. To bring a tiny soul into this world is unimaginable. It is the responsibility of a lifetime and whatever good or bad is happening in his life, you are the one responsible for it. During this, she was asked that nowadays there is a lot of talk about weight loss after delivery. To this Sana replied.

Sana Khan spoke on weight loss

Sana Khan said that she also wants to lose weight after delivery, ‘When people talk about weight loss after pregnancy, I get upset. It is obvious that everyone wants to lose weight. I want too But not at the cost of your health. I just want to eat the food that is essential for my baby’s development. A new mother should never believe that losing weight is more important than enjoying this phase. I will promote the idea of ​​staying healthy more. Right now the child is my priority. The weight can be reduced at any time.

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Tears in the eyes of Sana Khan’s husband

During this, Sana Khan talked about her husband Anas Syed. Said, ‘I think, I don’t know him at all. They are very different. She is very emotional. Tears well up in his eyes when he sees the child. I see her crying. Once I even asked him why he is crying because I am the one who cries in this relationship. He didn’t say anything.

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