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The nine-point agenda issued by 1500 saints and sages, including heads of 127 sects from across the country, in the Sanskriti Sansad organized in Varanasi after four days of discussion on Sanatan Dharma, is as follows. • By amending Article 30 of the Constitution, all communities should get the right to establish educational and cultural institutions. • Waqf Act 1995 should be repealed. A particular religion should get the same property rights and procedures as all other sects. • By making a federal law, all the temples should be returned to the Hindu society. • By creating a Ministry of Pilgrimage separate from tourism, development of pilgrimages should be done keeping in mind the classical beliefs. • Effective laws should be made to stop love jihad and illegal conversion. • Uniform Civil Code should be applicable. One nation, one citizen, one law should be implemented. • If a person from tribal community gets converted then he should be removed from the scope of reservation. • Like other followers, temple priests should also get honorarium. • Saints face difficulty in making passport, Aadhaar, voter card etc. because of the names of biological parents. Therefore form a Sant Seva Samiti.

Today’s truth is that propaganda against Sanatan Dharma is being carried out in a planned manner in the country and abroad. Making criticism on the festivals and festivals of Sanatan Dharma has become a criterion of being a so-called progressive. The country’s politics has also become appeasement-centric. In such a situation, the Sanatan Agenda that has been issued after discussion and consideration by scholars and religious experts in the Sanskriti Sansad, keeping the interest of the Hindu society and the country in mind, is welcome.

If we go into the past, we will find that our Sant Samaj has played an important role in the wave of change at the social and political level in the country and has made a major contribution in bringing revolutionary changes. Due to time and circumstances, while ostentation increased in Sanatan Samaj, commercialism also became dominant. As a result, a large section of our young generation got cut off from the temples as well as their saint community.

Taking advantage of the above situation, the powers controlling the market and the political parties aiming to gain power started the game of serving their own interests by dividing the Sanatan Samaj on the basis of language, caste and region as well as community. Continues even today. The campaign against this game which should have been run by the temple committees, priests and saint society, failed to run it. As a result, after independence, the feelings and beliefs of those who believed in Sanatan Dharma continued to be tampered with. Which continues even today.

The demands placed before the government in the agenda issued after the organization of Sanskriti Sansad are right in their place and are in line with it, but in the Sanatan agenda, there is a need for Hindu temple committees, priests, Acharyas and Sant Samaj to awaken the Sanatan Samaj and come into the Hindu society. There should have been clear guidelines regarding what should be done against the evils, things will not be achieved by relying only on the government. The society itself and its intellectuals and senior people of the spiritual world will have to play their role from the front, only then can a strong reply be given to those who challenge Sanatan Dharma on a permanent basis.

– Irwin Khanna (Chief Editor, Dainik Uttam Hindu)

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