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Speaking at a function organized by the Tamil Nadu Progressive Writers and Artists Association, Tamil Nadu’s ruling Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) youth wing secretary and state youth welfare minister and son of Chief Minister MK Stalin, Udhayanidhi Stalin compared Sanatana Dharma to the coronavirus, malaria and malaria. Talking about dengue virus and fever caused by mosquitoes, he said that such things should not be opposed but should be destroyed.

In the past, the Supreme Court of the country, taking a strict stand on the increasing ‘hate speech’ in the country, had taken the initiative itself in a case, there will be no need to do so against Udhayanidhi Stalin, because Supreme Court lawyers in Delhi, Vineet Jindal and Hindu army chief Vishnu Gupta has filed a police case against Udhayanidhi Stalin. Inspired by the above two, there is a possibility of filing cases against Udhayanidhi Stalin by various Hindu organizations in other parts of the country as well.

The majority of the country believes in Sanatan Dharma. Government should take the strictest action against Tamil Nadu Minister and Chief Minister Stalin’s son Udayanidhi, who hurt the faith of crores. There is a need to take legal action, not politics, regarding what Udhayanidhi said. It is the misfortune of the country that today’s leaders go to the extent of anti-national just to get votes. Even before Udayanidhi, the leaders of various political parties gave such statements against Sanatan Dharma, which fuel politics based on violence and hatred in the society and the country.

I am putting in front of you what Sri Aurobindo said in 1909 considering the Sanatan Dharma which Udhayanidhi Stalin is talking about destroying as nationalism. ‘What we call Hinduism is actually Sanatana Dharma because it is the universal religion which includes all others in itself. If a religion is not universal then it cannot be eternal. A parochial religion, a sectarian religion, a monotheistic religion can exist only for a limited time and for a limited purpose. Sanatan Dharma is the only religion which can win over materialism by anticipating and imbibing the inventions of science and the contemplations of philosophy. It is the only religion which emphasizes the closeness of God to us and tells humanity and preserves in itself all the possible means by which man can approach God. It is the only religion which insists every moment on the truth accepted by all religions that God is present in all men and living things and in Him we move, move and live. Only this religion helps us not only to understand and believe in this truth but also to realize it with every part of our being. This one religion tells the world that what is this world, that it is a pastime of Vasudev. It is Dharma that tells us how best we can play our part in that Leela, in its subtlest laws, in its noblest rules. This is the only religion which does not separate life from religion even in the smallest detail, which knows what immortality is and which has completely removed from us the scourge of death…. I said (last year) that this movement is not a political movement, and nationalism is not politics but a religion, a principle, a belief. I repeat it again today, but present it in a different way. I no longer say that nationalism is a doctrine, a religion, a belief: I say it is Sanatan Dharma which is nationalism for us.… Sanatan Dharma is nationalism. This is the message I want to convey to you.’

The message given by Sri Aurobindo in the last century when India was a slave, understand the importance of the above message given by Sri Aurobindo today. First we had to free the country from the British rule. Today, to free the country from the slave mentality, we have to spread the propaganda of Sanatan Dharma because in this lies the rise of India, this is nationalism for us. The program organized for the destruction of Sanatan Dharma is a matter of great concern for the society and the country, both the Central Government and the Judiciary need to take it seriously because if the ideas expressed against Sanatan Dharma are not curbed in such programs and programs. If it is cast, it will not take long to create an atmosphere of anarchy in the country.

– Irwin Khanna (Chief Editor, Dainik Uttam Hindu)

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