Sawan Fasting Tips: Offer these fruitful things to Mahadev in Sawan, consume yourself during the fast


Sawan Fasting Tips: People wait for the month of Sawan the whole year. This whole month people try to please Mahadev by worshiping him. This time the month of Sawan is going to be even more special, because this time the month of Sawan is going to last for two whole months, in such a situation people will take many measures to please Bholenath. In these measures, people also do fasting. Fruits are eaten during Monday’s fast and only fruits are offered as bhog.

In today’s article, we are going to tell you about some such fruit recipes, which are very easy to make. You can also offer these dishes to Mahadev and later you can consume them yourself during the fast. It is very easy to make all these things. Without delay, let us also tell you about some dishes made from such fruits, which are also very tasty to eat.

Buckwheat Puri or Paratha

To make fruit, first prepare to make Kuttu ki Puri. If you do not like puris then you can also make parathas.

fasting potatoes

During the fast of Sawan Monday, make sure to make fasting potatoes. By eating it, the taste of food increases manifold. Do not forget to put lemon in this vegetable.

Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi is mostly eaten during fasting. It is very easy to make and it looks very tasty to eat. You can also offer it to Mahadev.

Buckwheat Dosa

It looks very tasty to eat. If you want to make something different from puri or paratha, then you can make buckwheat dosa.

Buckwheat Dumplings

During the fast, you can make and eat buckwheat dumplings with coriander chutney and also offer it to Mahadev. Its taste increases even more with chutney.

Sabudana Kheer

It will not take much effort to make sago kheer during fasting. After eating this, even your family members will not get tired of praising you.

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