School closure order! Big relief to school students! Schools will remain closed for so many days, government order issued!


School closure order: There is good news for students of classes 1 to 12. Along with this, holidays have also been announced for college students. School students will now get the benefit of three days leave. Special instructions have been issued for the teaching staff.

There is good news for school students. Holiday has been declared for them. Orders have also been issued for this. As per the order issued, they will be given the benefit of leave. Instructions have been given to keep schools and colleges closed during this period.

School holiday from 8th to 10th September

Schools will remain closed from 8 to 10 September in the capital Delhi due to the G-20 summit. Along with keeping schools and colleges closed, orders have also been issued to keep government offices closed from Friday. Under the orders of the governing authority, classes will be conducted in online mode in some schools to complete the syllabus.

Conducting classes in online mode

On behalf of the school administration, students and parents have been instructed to stay in touch with the school administration. The state government and the education department have banned the education department employees from leaving the city for three days. It is believed that these may be needed during the G-20 summit.

In such a situation, these holidays are going to prove more beneficial for the students. Although the teacher will have to stay in the city, he will get the benefit of holidays. On the other hand, schools in the capital Delhi will once again operate at their previous timings from September 11.

Along with keeping schools closed for students from class 1 to 12, instructions have also been given to keep colleges and universities closed. Government economic centers including private and Anganwadi centers will also be kept closed. Instructions have been given to keep the state government offices as well as central offices closed.

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