Schools teaching Kalma to Hindu children!


The echo of the case of Hindu girls being forced to wear hijab in a school in Damoh (MP) has not subsided yet. That in the last few days, many cases of motivating Hindu children of innocent age to read Kalma and Namaz have come to light in many schools of different provinces of the country. The worrisome fact is that all these incidents were done by the operators of government, private and missionary schools in the name of activity, while the ban on Kalava Mauli Tilak continues in these schools. Let us tell you in sequence that a case of teaching Kalma to children has come to the fore in the missionary-run St.Poys Higher Secondary School, Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. It is alleged that Hindu children were taught Kalma in the school, the parents have complained to the police and administration after knowing about it.

The case is recent, where after the prayer meeting at Missionary School St.Poys in Khandwa city regarding Bakrid, the principal of the school called four Muslim children on the stage and asked them to tell the rest of the children about the festival of Bakrid. After which the children standing on the stage recited the Kalma, and all the children were asked to recite the Kalma, after coming home, these students complained to their families about this act done by the school.

There is anger among parents as well as Hindu organizations in the matter. Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad have demanded strict action on this act of St. Poyas Higher Secondary School. At the same time, many parents have also complained about this whole matter to the district administration. Hindu organizations have called it a missionary conspiracy, and have said that these people are engaged in brainwashing the children, the aim of which is to make these children go away from Sanatan Hindu Dharma.

On the other hand, on the same lines, on the occasion of Bakrid in Gujarat, two cases have come to the notice of children being made to practice namaz in schools. One of these cases is of Kutch. The second is of Mahesana. In both the schools, the children were made to practice Namaz in the name of the activity. The Kutch incident is from the Pearl School in Mundra. There small innocent Hindu school children were made to practice Namaz by wearing Namaji caps on their heads. Later this video was posted on the school’s page, due to which it started going viral on social media. People got angry seeing this. After the whole controversy, the school has apologized in this regard. This video has also been removed from social media.

Similarly, in a private English medium school in Mehsana, children were being taught how to offer Namaz. The parents also had the photos of this practice. Ramdhun and Hanuman Chalisa were recited outside the school in the name of protest. As soon as the matter came to light, the owner of the school, Rashi Gautam clarified that he did not do any work to promote Muslim religion. They were just giving information about the festivals celebrated in the country to the children, that is why the celebration of Bakrid was kept in the school. The school has apologized for this act.

Let us remind you that just a few days back in June, Ganga Jamuna Higher Secondary, a private school run in Damoh, Madhya Pradesh, has been accused of making Hindu girl students wear hijab. A poster of board exam results of students was put up in the school in which girl students were seen wearing hijab. After this the matter caught fire. State Home Minister Narottam Mishra ordered an inquiry. The district administration said to conduct an inquiry. In the posters issued by the private school, the photos of the students have been put in which all the girl students have wrapped the hijab on their heads. Four Hindu girl students are also seen wearing hijab along with Muslim girl students. Priyanka Kanungo, chairman of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, came to know about the matter and tweeted that forcing Hindu and other non-Muslim children to practice Islamic practices is a violation of Article 28 of the Constitution of India. He said that he is sending a notice to the Damoh Collector. Some parents are claiming that wearing hijab is mandatory in school after class VI. On the other hand, the office bearers of Damoh of Bajrang Dal raised many more serious allegations raising questions on the investigation.

It is alleged that female teachers have also been converted from Hindu to Muslim. They claim that the staff at the school consists mostly of female teachers who were formerly Hindus and converted to Islam after marrying a Muslim and were given preferential jobs in the school. Even in the case, everything from conversion to love jihad is being linked. Let us tell you that in Jamuna Higher Secondary School, an FIR has been registered in the case of forcing Hindu girl students to wear hijab, to offer Namaz and alleged conversion of female teachers. In the case of forcibly wearing hijab to girls and giving them Islamic education. had come. Following the instructions of the state government and the chief minister, the police registered a case against the school administrators and principal teachers and other staff. School principal Afsa Shaikh, maths teacher Anas Ahtar and watchman Rustum were arrested. After Damoh police arrest, the accused were presented in the district court where CJM Jitendra Narayan Singh rejected the bail plea of ​​all three and sent them to jail. Here, CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan said in a statement that the poem of the person who got the country partitioned was being taught in Damoh’s school. CM bluntly said that the school which will force our daughters to wear hijab or scarf. Such a school will not be able to run in the state. The education department has de-affiliated the school, however, citing non-compliance of standards, conditions and responsibilities in the order. It is evident that some people are deliberately conspiring to brainwash innocent children in educational institutions and inspire them towards a particular religion. It is very shameful and worrying to make innocent children victims of such a conspiracy. The source of income of the school operators who are becoming a part of such undesirable activities should be investigated whether it is not that this whole game is being played through illegal funding. These cases should be investigated from every angle and strict legal action should be taken for such acts.

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