Scissors will now run on obscenity and violent scenes on OTT! Know what the Government of India has said to the streaming companies?


The world of Over the Top i.e. OTT has spread its wings. There are many digital platforms in India, from Netflix to Disney Plus Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video, where there are a lot of movies and web series. Many films and web series are full of vulgar, bold scenes and violence. On whom the scissors are going to work now. It is reported that the Government of India has taken initiative regarding obscene and violent content on OTT. Let us tell you in details.

India has asked Netflix NFLX.O, Disney DIS.N and other streaming services to independently review content for obscenity and violence before being shown online, according to a government document and source.

Proposal was given to streaming companies in the meeting

The proposal was made to the streaming platforms in a June 20 meeting at the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Streaming companies, also known as OTT platforms, objected and there was no decision. The ministry had expressed concern about obscene and violent content on OTT platforms in the meeting.

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Popularity of OTT in India

According to information, Netflix and Amazon have tremendous popularity in India. According to Media Partners Asia, the region is set to become a $7 billion market by 2027. Now Bollywood’s top actors are also stepping on OTT. Many films are being released directly on OTT.

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Will see the change!

The meeting was attended by big corporate giants like Amazon, Disney, Netflix, Viacom18, Apple and Reliance. The way the censor board is there to clamp down on such content in films, it remains to be seen whether the OTT world will change after this proposal.

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