Seeing the changing picture of Kashmir, the G20 countries understood the lies spread by Pakistan.


By organizing the G-20 meeting, India has shown that Kashmir is no longer a dispute and it is an integral part of India. By organizing such events in Ladakh and Arunachal, India has also given a message that all these regions are an integral part of India.

The three-day conference of the Tourism Working Group of G-20 in Srinagar has strengthened the basis for changing the pleasant and democratic nature of Jammu and Kashmir, giving a new direction to tourism and strengthening relations with Bollywood. The situation that prevailed for the last 75 years, in which foreign forces have also played a role, has brought forth a picture of complete abolition of the system of social exploitation, terror, injustice, unrest and partiality. With a view to promote global and sustainable tourism, hosting the conference in Kashmir is a matter of pride for the 1.30 crore population of Jammu and Kashmir.

The Government of India has left no stone unturned to provide a grand and secure environment for the G-20 event at the Sher-e-Kashmir International Convention Center on the banks of Dal Lake in Srinagar. Despite opposition from China and Pakistan, India has not only shown courage by clearly refusing to tolerate any other country’s objection in its internal affairs, but has also warned the opposing forces by indicating that India is strong in every way. India not only ignored the neighboring countries, but also gave a blunt answer to both these countries. It was necessary to do this, because India has the right to organize all kinds of events in any of its territory – even if they are of international level.

India is not only looking forward to its independent identity in internal affairs but also in the world. India has been successful in showing its land to China and Pakistan while moving towards prosperity day by day. India has given a befitting reply to China’s double faced policy and misdeeds. In the case of Kashmir, China has made its trouble many times before. Every time he obstructed the initiative to ban Pakistani terrorists from the United Nations Security Council, but on many occasions he had to face the consequences. China is telling by its actions that there is a difference between its words and actions in the matter of terrorism. The world is also seeing this difference, but China is not ready to come on the right path. Alone, China has been getting battered by its own moves, it even boycotted a G-20 meeting in Arunachal Pradesh, but India remained firm on its decision.

The Government of India, under the effective leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, should continue with this resolute and bold attitude and continue to give answers to China and Pakistan in the same language. Even though China has decided to stay out of the G-20 tourism working group meeting in Srinagar. Turkey is also supporting him. While representatives related to tourism of Turkey and Saudi Arabia have participated. One or two other countries may also refuse to participate in this meeting, but it will not make any difference. More than 60 delegates from 25 countries are participating in this meeting. The war in Russia-Ukraine is a big concern for the world, the whole world wants a war-free environment. There are some countries like China which remain an obstacle to this thinking. Therefore it is clear that most of the countries considered it necessary to show the mirror to China. His decision is also an embarrassment to China and also confirms that India’s decision to abolish the divisive Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir was correct.

It is a pleasant sign that the strength of India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is constantly being felt on the world forums. This power is also increasing because the world now wants peace, the structure of a terror and war-free world is its wish. The way India is attracting the attention of the world community at all important international forums with its peace, humanitarian thinking and anti-violence-war policies, it shows that India’s role in international affairs is increasing under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Is and is getting stronger. A proof of this was recently found in the G-7 meeting in Hiroshima and then also seen in Papua New Guinea. The way the Indian Prime Minister dominated the Japanese media, in the same way in Papua New Guinea and Fiji. Both these countries have honored Modi with their highest honour. In fact, it is a rare thing, a historical event, for a person from another country to be honored with the highest honor of the international level of these two countries.

The purpose of this meeting is to show the changing picture of Kashmir to the world. Foreign diplomats have seen this picture very closely that Kashmir is getting free from the shadow of unrest and terror and Pakistan has no influence here. The people of the valley are included in the mainstream of the country and together with the administration, they are playing an important role in the development of Kashmir. Democracy is now strengthened at the grassroots level, new industries are coming up, rapid agricultural development is enriching the villages there, infrastructure is developing rapidly and the government’s priorities on technology are making J&K a digital society. is being changed.

Although Pak-backed terrorists have planned a major terrorist incident during the G-20 meeting, tight security arrangements have been made in view of their conspiracies, but it is certain that Kashmir is changing rapidly. Certainly, this event of G-20 will lead to new emergence of Kashmir. On the basis of various parameters of development, Jammu and Kashmir will move forward in the line of developed regions of India. This will lead to huge investment proposals in the hospitality sector. The government has identified 300 new tourist spots for development. The tourism sector has been given the status of an industry in J&K and is also being given financial incentives based on the Industrial Policy of J&K. The Government of India is committed to make the common man socially and economically prosperous. In view of all these situations and since the removal of Article-370 from Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan is badly agitated and China only wants to appease Pakistan. Because China’s economic interests are linked to it.

By organizing the G-20 meeting, India has shown that Kashmir is no longer a dispute and it is an integral part of India. By organizing such events in Ladakh and Arunachal, India has also given a message that all these areas are an integral part of India and come under India’s sovereignty. It is seen as a tremendous success of Indian diplomacy that whenever a country heads an international grouping or hosts such international meetings, it is its prerogative to choose the venue. Kashmir is called the heaven of India. Once upon a time there used to be continuous shooting of films and film stars flocked to the tourist places of Kashmir like Gulmarg, Sonamarg, Pahalgaon, Dal Lake and other places but Pak sponsored terrorism took away the development of Kashmir but Modi government has strong will Controlled terrorism and unrest in Kashmir by showing strength. New Kashmir is being shaped by dedicated resolutions for public welfare. If the countries that run the economic and political powers of the world take an honest decision, then terrorism can be controlled from the world and the picture of the world can be changed just like Kashmir.

-Lalit Garg

(The author is a senior journalist and columnist)

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