Seema Haider Pakistan ISI : Pakistani Journalist Talks About Is Seema Haider An ISI Agent Converted To Hindu From Muslim


Islamabad : Seema Haider, who came to India from Pakistan, is currently being discussed on both sides of the border. Some people on social media are calling him an agent of ISI and are looking at him with suspicion while some are talking about his love story. It is heard that a claim is also being made on the social media of Pakistan that ‘Seema was actually an agent of India who was living in Pakistan for 10 years and has now returned to her country’. Although these claims have nothing to do with the truth. On the Seema Haider case, Pakistani journalist Arzoo Kazmi spoke to YouTuber Shoaib Chaudhary, who goes among the common people and takes their reaction. Shoaib raised doubts on Seema Haider but his main concern is something else.

Shoaib Chaudhary raised the question and said, ‘The mother of four children, who says that we are very poor, our condition is not good, she will play PUBG and play so much that she will get into a relationship and she has gone to Nepal twice, Dubai If she has gone, the way she did all this is a matter to think about. Well it is possible to be friends with games and apps, love but the flow with which she is speaking Hindi, using English words, speaking Urdu and on the other hand she says that I am only up to class five If I have read, questions do arise somewhere or the other.

Silence in Pakistan’s temples, fear all around… Hindus in awe of Seema Haider’s departure, Home Minister’s big action on threats

‘Hindu are receiving threats in Pakistan’

He said, ‘I will not talk much on why she went there, is it love or is there a plan or is she an agent. If she is an agent, Indian agencies will investigate and do their work. But my biggest concern is about the threats Hindus are getting in Sindh after his departure. After 1947, we converted thousands and millions of people, which we are proud of, but on the other hand, when someone changes his religion on his own free will, we start threatening him. We should talk on this.

Security of Hindu community increased

Earlier there was news from Pakistan that after the departure of Seema Haider, the Hindu community of Sindh is scared. Due to threats from fundamentalists, people have stopped coming out of their houses and going to temples. Authorities had deployed police at temples in northern Sindh. Local dacoits have also threatened to take back the border. Taking cognizance of the matter, Pakistan’s Home Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan has given instructions to increase the security of Hindus.

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