Senegal army begins preparations for possible invasion of Niger


Dakar (Best Hindu News): The Senegalese army is starting to prepare for deployment to Benin in preparation for a possible military intervention in Niger. This information was given by Ceneweb news portal on Wednesday quoting sources. According to the report, the Senegalese army mobilized its forces on 11 August on the instructions of the Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces, Mbaye Cisse.

The country’s air carrier, Air Senegal, has made a request to transport the mobilized 900 troops and military equipment to the Benin city of Cotonou, which will undoubtedly serve as a rear base for the forces of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). An army spokesperson told the portal that he had no information about it.

Significantly, on 26 July, Niger’s Presidential Guard overthrew President Mohamed Bazoum and took him into custody. The commander of the Guard, General Abdurrahman Tchiani, declared himself acting chairman of the National Council for the Security of the Homeland-led government. It was condemned by most Western countries as well as ECOWAS. In early August, ECOWAS drew up a plan for a possible military intervention in Niger.

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