Several top news publications block OpenAI from accessing their content


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San Francisco. Several top new publications such as The New York Times, CNN and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) have blocked Microsoft-backed OpenAI from accessing their content to train their AI models.

The NYT has blocked OpenAI’s web crawler, which means the Sam Altman-run company can’t use the publication’s content to train its AI models, reports The Verge.

OpenAI’s web crawler, called GPTbot, can scan web pages to help improve its AI models.

According to OpenAI, “Allowing GPTbot access to your site can help AI models become more accurate and improve their general capabilities and security.”

The NYT updated its terms of service earlier this month to bar the use of its content to train AI models.

CNN confirmed to Guardian Australia that it has blocked GPTbot across its digital assets.

Some other news publications, such as the Chicago Tribune and Australian Community Media (ACM) brands, have also reportedly blocked OpenAI’s web crawler.

The NYT is also exploring legal options on whether to prosecute Microsoft-backed OpenAI and protect the intellectual property rights associated with its reporting.

The publication and OpenAI are in tense talks to reach a licensing deal in which OpenAI will pay the NYT to incorporate its stories into its artificial intelligence (AI) tools, NPR reports.

However, the discussions have become so contentious that the newspaper is now considering legal action.

The lawsuit against OpenAI will start the most high-profile legal battle ever over copyright protection in the generic AI era.(IANS)

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Web Title-Several top news publications block OpenAI from accessing their content

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