Sharib Hashmi was in debt while giving auditions, untold story of real life ‘family man’


If a person wants to get something, then he finds a needle even in a straw. No matter how many obstacles come in the way. If you want to reach your destination, then no storm or storm can come in the way. Something similar happened with Sharib Hashmi. You have seen him in the role of Huma Qureshi’s husband in the recently released film ‘Tarla’. Their journey to reach here has not been easy. He has seen very difficult times in his life. Have faced rejection many times. But he did what he set out to do and today he has created a different identity for himself. We are going to tell about them in ‘Saturday Superstar’.

Sharib Hashmi was born in the Malad area of ​​Mumbai. His father was a film journalist. He used to write in ‘Mayapuri’ magazine. The actor used to accompany his father to film parties. Whatever was the premiere or auspicious time of films. He used to go to see with his father. The actor had told in ‘Josh Talks’ that even big actors like Raj Babbar, Govinda, Divya Bharti and Anupam Kher used to come to his house. The actor told that he used to live in a chawl and a huge crowd used to gather when all of them came. Seeing the dazzling world, Sharib Hashmi also got down to be a part of it. As a child, he used to think that when he grows up, he will become a hero. But when he grew up, he didn’t get that much height. Seeing himself, looking at his personality, he did not feel that he is fit to be a hero. But whatever had to be done, had to be done by staying in this industry.

Assistant director before actor Sharib Hashmi

The actor told that he started his career as an assistant director. He worked in Govinda and Urmila Matondkar’s film ‘Hum Tum Pe Marte Hain’. After this he worked as a house writer in MTV for 4 years. But during this, the acting worm woke up again in him. He was asked to act in the shows he wrote. In this way both writing and acting started.

Sharib Hashmi

Kiran Rao’s film was offered

Sharib Hashmi told that he had also acted in Cyrus Broacha’s show ‘Bakara’ on MTV and made many people into goats. After this he also worked in Channel V. He was happy that his job was going on. But even during this, he could not understand that he gets real happiness only from acting. Not by writing. However things changed and he got a call to audition for the film ‘Dhobi Ghat’. In this, he got the role of Prateik Babbar’s elder brother.

Sharib Hashmi

Sharib Hashmi got rejection

Everything was done but 15 days before the shooting, Karin Rao called and said that he was not fit for the role. So no longer a part of this project. While the actor had told everyone about this and was also very happy about the movie. But after the rejection, he cried the whole night. He resigned in the office the next day. One month notice period served. Then decided that now he has to act.

Sharib Hashmi

Sharib Hashmi drowned in debt

Sharib Hashmi told that he thought that he would get the roles after giving only one audition. But this did not happen. Initially, he faced a lot of rejections. Years passed after months. Had family, had responsibility. The money they had also got over. The savings I had made for the children started drying up. My own money has already run out. He started taking loans from others. According to the actor, he used to get an ad or a promo to do but he could not make a living from it. After this, he again made his steps in writing. The anchor used to write links for a show ‘Stringer Se Mujhe Bachao’ on Sony TV. He was earning well. 6 months passed smoothly. But then the money ran out, so he came there.

Sharib Hashmi

got a role with shahrukh khan

The actor told that his wife supported him a lot. She told him that he should be happy that he tried to do what he wanted to do. Going forward, you will not regret that you did not try. The actor did not stop giving auditions. Two or three more years passed. After this, when things did not work out, he returned to writing. He joined the programming department of a show on UTV Bindass but was not happy doing it. Three-four were working here that YRF’s casting director Shanu Sharma called. He had seen the actor’s short film ‘Maroon’. Shanoo Sharma called the actor for the role of Jain in ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’. He had many auditions. After many rounds the selection was done.

Sharib Hashmi

was afraid of leaving the job

After this Sharib’s luck brightened. He worked as a producer in ‘Filmistan’. In this, director Nitin Kakkar got him auditioned for a main lead. He got selected in that too. During that time he was also doing a job and the way he had seen the financial crisis, he did not want to leave this job. The shooting of both the films came together. He wanted a month and a half leave from his boss. But the boss refused. Told to do job here or acting. Sharib decided that he would not do this job.

Sharib Hashmi’s films were not released

After ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’, he did not get much work. But signed some movies after ‘Filmistan’. The actor started feeling that everything is fine now. The actor told, ‘ Some of the films that he did were closed in half. Or shelved before even starting. Something was completed but it was not being released. So I became jobless again. Started auditioning again. Started facing rejection. And it was not understood why this is happening.

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Sharib Hashmi’s luck shines again

According to the actor, when he was called to audition for ‘The Family Man’, it was somewhere in his mind that it would work out. And so it happened. The selection happened after the audition and the work started getting as soon as it was released. ‘Asur’, ‘Scam’, ‘The Family Man 2’, ‘Vikram Vedha’, ‘Dhakad’, ‘The Great Indian Murder’ became a different identity. Today everyone likes him on screen.

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