Sharman Joshi said on the sequel of ‘3 Idiots’, Hirani sir told me a small story too


Actor Sharman Joshi has worked in projects of different genres like comedy, drama in his career. Apart from films, he is also doing many projects for OTT. These days he is in discussion about his web series ‘Kafus’. In this exclusive interview, he talks to us about his career, 3 Idiots sequel, parenting concerns and many more.

What reminded you of some of the ‘3 Idiots’ memories you shared with Mona backstage?

Yes, an anecdote has been in the mind of all of us. Which we also remembered during ‘Kaphas’. Actually, one night during the shoot of ‘3 Idiots’ we were at a resort in Shimla, Boman Irani sir, Maddy were there and there was some shooting for the wedding. In which Kareena is getting married and we all take her away, that scene was being shot. So Boman sahib had a trick in which he used to tell a story and could make anyone cry. There was another lady there besides Mona. So when the story started everyone was nervous. Maddie and I both knew so we were a little less nervous. Mona remembered another story, in which there was a scene where Aamir comes and proposes to Kareena, Mona is also sleeping next to Kareena. And I am sitting in a window singing ‘Kuch Na Kaho’. Then Rajkumar Hirani sir felt that what will you do in Khirki Mein, if you want to sing a song, then they will play it in the background. So I was supposed to be in this scene but had to withdraw later. We laughed a lot remembering this scene.

The changing world nowadays parents are very concerned about their children. As a parent, what is your biggest concern for your children? Have you made some rules and regulations for them?
Balance is very important in life. This is the era of technology and in such a situation you get information about anything easily, but if the children use it properly then they will be benefited. Even if you do a little entertainment, everything is fine till then, but, if you use social media all day, or keep watching videos, then it will also be harmful. That’s why I talk about creating a balance in the use of technology. In our time, parents had set a time for watching TV, similarly in today’s time, a time for social media etc. should also be set for children. I have also made a similar system in my house. We keep a tab on how much screen time my kids are spending. My wife keeps an eye on the kids, I also take out time to watch their activities. If you explain to some children that this thing will harm you, then they understand, but if they do not understand, then I also think that parents will have to understand this the most.

You appeared in many such projects, in which your seriousness is felt. Are you too serious in personal life?
My behavior remains very balanced. I am also not very serious in my personal life and I believe that I am not a very cheerful or very fun person either. But when you talk about acting and you ask which emotions come easily to you, then I would say that in the beginning of my career I got all kinds of characters, but I could do emotional, dramatic roles well. But comedy used to be very difficult for me. But it is also true that the comedy roles that I got in professional theater were excellent. Our play went on for many years. It gave me a lot of comedy experience, which later came in handy in films. I learned a lot from theatre, as well as my director and audience proved to be my biggest tutors.

We really liked your film ‘3 Idiots’. Is there any work being done to make a sequel to this film?
(Laughs) I call Rajkumar Hirani sir and ask that you are asking me about ‘3 Idiots’ and saying that it will earn a lot of money and the film will do well. But to be honest, Raju sir (Rajkumar Hirani), Vinod sir and Aamir Khan sir are the people for whom money does not matter. Me and Madhavan are also the same type of people. We try to do good work all the time. Unless Raju Sir gets a good story for ‘3 Idiots’, he will not go ahead with its sequel.

But are there plans to make a sequel?
Raju sir thinks and talks about this. He has told me many times that he is thinking about it. Once he even narrated a small story to me, but then there was no further progress with the story. So the work is going on now. Raju sir works very hard.

You told us in an interview why there were obstacles in your career. Today time has changed. OTT has arrived, so are the makers assessing your potential right now?
Me and other actors will benefit from the arrival of OTT. This is a gift for every actor. And to make a good web film, you have to involve everyone. Earlier it used to be seen that the story was not emphasized in every film, in many films, entertainment was given more importance than the story, although this thing will continue, but what was not there, now it has changed with the arrival of OTT. .

In which projects will you be seen in the coming days?
I will be seen in the film Aankh Micholi. Anurag Kashyap is making the second film with Vinod Bhanushali, in which Annu Kapoor is playing the role of my father. The name of the film is ‘Sab Moh Maya Hai’, it is a story of father and son. There is another film called ‘Tent House’. Abbas Mustan is directing it.

When you are with family, and your kids watch your comedy roles and movies where you play serious roles, what kind of roles do the kids suggest you to play?

My children do not even watch my films. They feel very ashamed. Don’t know how shy kids are. (Laughs) It’s not that he watches my films, he liked ‘Ferrari Ki Sawaari’, ‘Hate Story 3’.

What kind of story is ‘Kafus’?
Kafus is the story of a middle class couple and their child meets with an accident which is very horrifying. How he is able to get out of that accident or not, will be seen in the series. My character is of Raghav Dixit, he is failing in a marriage. Her life gets confused, after the incident with her child, that means she has a lot of challenges in her life.

You will be seen in Kafas with Mona Singh after a long time. How was this experience?

Everyone knows that Mona ji is an amazing actor. Not only was it a good experience working with him, we also share a great personal bond. We know each other from ‘3 Idiots’. I respect his work a lot and love his work. Second, we were working together on a script that we were very excited about. When you have a great co-actor with you, your work also becomes easier. Although Mona’s work was for a short time, we had a lot of fun during the days she was together.

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