Shivling itself appeared in Gupteshwar temple of Odisha, Rudrabhishek happens every Monday in Sawan


The month of Sawan is very dear to Lord Bhole Shankar. This is the reason why the devotees of Baba go to Baba’s door carrying a kanwar in Sawan and perform Jalabhishek of Shivshankar. There are many beliefs behind this. There are many stories. There are 12 Jyotirlingas in our country. Apart from these Jyotirlingas, there are many famous Shivlingas in different states too, where devotees throng.

Gupteshwar temple was established 70 years ago

There is one such Mahadev temple in Odisha’s Birmitrapur. The name of this temple is Gupteshwar Temple. Gupteshwar temple was established about 70 years ago. It is believed that the Shivling here has manifested itself. Every year in the month of Sawan, a crowd of Shiva devotees gather in this temple. Especially on Mondays of Sawan, there is an influx of devotees here from morning till evening.

People from neighboring states also come to perform Jalabhishek.

Whereas, Baba’s Rudrabhishek is the center of attraction in the evening. Devotees from different places of Sundargarh district including Birmitrapur also gather from the border areas of neighboring Jharkhand state to perform Jalabhishek of Bhole Baba in this temple on Mondays of Sawan. For this, proper arrangements are also made by the temple committee.

Religious rituals are performed under the leadership of priest Vindhyachal Pandey.

Vidhyanchal Pandey, the priest of this temple, has been worshiping in the temple for the last three decades. Various religious rituals are organized here in the months of Sawan under his leadership. Before him, his father Chandradev Pandey used to take care of the temple. On the other hand, in the month of Savan, arrangements are made for the convenience of the devotees carrying Kanwar to various Shaiv ​​Peeths through Birmitrapur and their snacks are also arranged by the temple committee and local volunteers.

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