Shivpal Singh Yadav wants to contest elections from Sambhal, not Badaun, Akhilesh Yadav’s problems increased.

Samajwadi Party seems to be in a dilemma regarding Badaun Lok Sabha seat of Uttar Pradesh. There is talk that once again the SP high command has rejected the candidature of Shivpal Yadav from there. Whether Shivpal himself did not want to contest the elections or whether this was a decision of the party high command, the situation is not clear yet. On the political turn of SP in Badaun regarding the Lok Sabha elections, two types of opinions have emerged among the veterans of SP at every level. A large section wants to make Badaun MP Dharmendra Yadav a candidate again, while some SP leaders are said to be angry with Dharmendra Yadav. Recently, he has also requested SP chief Akhilesh Yadav not to make him contest. Only after this, Shivpal Singh Yadav’s name came in place of Dharmendra Yadav. Now SP sources say that Shivpal Singh Yadav himself is not excited to contest elections from Badaun.

Sources reveal that Shivpal’s first choice is said to be Sambhal. SP had given ticket to Shafiqur Rahman Burke from Sambhal, but he has passed away, due to which a new candidate is being searched here. Therefore, first his visit to Badaun was postponed, then for the second consecutive time the visit of his son Aditya Yadav was also postponed. Aditya Yadav had to come here to take over the election command of his father Shivpal Yadav. He visited twice but did not come even once. Sambhal is a Muslim dominated seat and SP has won many elections from here. SP had told that Aditya Yadav was scheduled to come to Badaun today i.e. on March 11, SP held a preparatory meeting to welcome him and start the election campaign, but a day before on March 10, information came to the fore that his program was canceled. I. This was also confirmed by local SP officials. It was told that Aditya Yadav’s program has been postponed. Due to this, the possibility of changing the candidate is now being expressed. This is also confirmed by the fact that no election meeting has been held till now. At present, the eyes of local officials are fixed on the decision of the leadership.

It is noteworthy that Badaun is a Muslim and Yadav dominated seat. Due to this equation, it was once considered a strong seat for SP, but in the last Lok Sabha elections, BJP had fielded Sanghamitra Maurya to defeat former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s cousin and former MP Dharmendra Yadav. Dharmendra Yadav had lost to the BJP candidate. Political developments kept changing after the elections. Sangh Mitra’s father Swami Prasad Maurya was in SP. While in SP, he made fierce political attacks on the central and state governments. Since then there has been doubt within the BJP regarding his daughter’s ticket. The doubt has increased further when the name did not appear in the first list.

After Swami Prasad Maurya broke ties with SP, the SP high command has become very serious about the Badaun seat. To win this seat, SP has fielded Shivpal Singh Yadav. It is a different matter that after the arrival of Shivpal Singh, the challenge of former Union Minister Salim Iqbal Sherwani and SP’s National Secretary Abid Raza has come to the fore. Both of them formed a secular front and held a big rally in Sahaswan. After this, a big challenge is coming for SP. The way the party is struggling with infighting in Badaun, it seems that it may be a bit difficult for SP to win the elections here.

-Ajay Kumar

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