Shooting of Kantara-2 will start from this month, will be released in mid 2024


The prequel of ‘Kantara’ is in discussion these days. It is told that its budget is Rs 100 crore, which is set to mesmerize the audience once again. ‘Kantara’ extensively depicts the divine deities Panjurli and Guliga and their connection with the land owned by the king of the region. Since the prequel is believed to take place nearly a millennium earlier, there has been speculation that the possible origins of the gods could be explored in the film. Rishabh Shetty’s film ‘Kantara’ was especially liked. Made on a low budget, this film earned well at the box office on the basis of its story and proved to be a blockbuster. Only after the film became a hit, Rishabh had announced its next part, which would actually be a prequel to this film. Rishabh is making a lot of preparations for the prequel of the film. People speculate that the film’s luxurious sets and extensive visual effects are making up for its significant budget. According to reports, the shooting of ‘Kantara 2’ is scheduled to begin in Mangalore in November. The estimated release date of the film is summer 2024. Rishabh had said, “We are happy and grateful to the audience for their tremendous love and support towards Kantara. Moving forward with the blessings of Almighty God, the film has completed 100 successful days. I would like to use this moment to announce the prequel of ‘Kantara’. What you have seen is part two and part one will be released next year. Kantara became a huge success at the box office last year, with Rishabh playing the role of a director, writer and actor. The film has an impressive cast, including Saptami Gowda, Kishore, Achyuth Kumar and Pramod Shetty among others. The film not only emerged as one of the biggest blockbusters, but also received praise from both critics and audiences. It created many records and even got the honor of being displayed at the United Nations office in Geneva, Switzerland.

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