Should India accept America’s request to join NATO?


It has been an old habit of America that it neither wants to fight a war on its land nor wants to fight a war alone, so today Ukraine is facing Russia’s attack and China’s attack on Taiwan is looming .

Despite the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, the United States could not rule the world the way it wanted to for decades because of Russia’s stature, influence and strategic capability, but Russia’s continued weakening during the last few years Because of this, there has been a continuous increase in the influence of America, but now China’s aggressive strategy has troubled it. America, which has been troubling India by promoting Pakistan for decades, imposing many wars on India by helping Pakistan with military weapons and equipment and confusing the Kashmir problem, now wants India to openly support it in the fight against China. Give. For this America now wants to include India in its military alliance NATO, as a NATO plus country.

In fact, the US-led North Atlantic Treaty Organization – a military alliance of 31 countries known as NATO. The basic mantra of NATO is to protect the countries included in it in every way from external aggression, that is, if any other country attacks any country included in this organization, then all the countries of NATO together stand with it and respond. This is the reason why Ukraine, which is facing Russia’s attack, also wanted to become a member of NATO and still wants to become one. NATO mainly consists of the US and some European countries. At the same time, America has also arranged a NATO Plus, which includes five more member countries considered allies of America – Australia, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and Israel. Now the US is inviting India to be a part of this larger grouping – NATO Plus. A recently released report of a select committee of the US Congress on the Chinese Communist Party has said that the NATO Plus arrangement should be strengthened to include India. The US wants India to be a part of NATO Plus, a military power alliance of Western countries. Recently, Mark Warner and John Corney, co-chairs of the India Caucus of the US Senate, have announced that they are going to present a bill in the US Parliament to grant NATO plus defense status to India.

Actually, it has been an old habit of America that it neither wants to fight any war on its land nor does it want to fight any war alone, so today Ukraine is facing Russia’s attack and China’s attack on Taiwan is in danger. Used to be. To face China’s increasing political influence and aggression at the global level, America wants to surround China through a powerful country like India present in its neighborhood.

The world knows that India’s relations with China are not good, but it is also a big fact that after facing defeat in the 1962 war, whenever China’s army came in front of India, India gave a befitting reply to it. Have given. Today’s India is capable of teaching China a lesson on its own. In the presence of Chinese President Xi Jinping at the meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on Tuesday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while attacking China’s dual policy on terrorism, did the work of showing a mirror to China’s policy of expansionism.

It is absolutely true that due to the weakening of Russia, the global system is also changing rapidly. India being a trusted friend has always prioritized its relations with Russia despite the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991. From the then Prime Minister Narasimha Rao to the present Prime Minister Narendra Modi, every government of India has given all possible cooperation from its side to keep the Russian economy strong, but today Russia is surrounded by problems due to its own reasons. Despite continuous efforts from India’s side, Russia’s condition is getting worse and now Russia seems to be going in China’s court in a way. This is the reason why many analysts are now advising India that after coming together of Russia and China, the only way left for India is to strengthen its friendship with America and therefore include it in NATO Plus. Should happen. Many benefits of this are also being told. It is being said that if China attacks India in the future, being a member of NATO plus the western countries under the leadership of America will help India. After joining NATO Plus, India will get more military support, new military technology and also India will have access to intelligence available with NATO countries.

But is it really so? Will India really benefit only by joining NATO or does the western country especially America want to include India in NATO Plus for its own benefit?

The truth is that if India decides to join NATO, it will have to pay a heavy price for it. The first effect will be that after joining NATO, India will not be able to speak independently on global issues on the global stage. He has to break his ties with Russia. Ukraine has to be supported like the US, leaving aside efforts to establish peace in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. After joining NATO, the threat to India’s strategic autonomy may also increase. After this, India will have to make its every strategic policy according to the principle of NATO. Even if India wants to, it will not be able to take any strategic step in its own way, according to its wish.

After joining NATO, the biggest threat in front of India will be foreign military base because till now India has clearly maintained its policy that it will not allow any other country to build military base on its land. But after joining NATO, India will have to host the US military on its soil and approve the construction of a military base for it. US military bases are present in the other NATO Plus member countries – Japan, South Korea, Australia and Israel. The biggest danger after joining NATO will be that America will force India to join its fight every time. Because of which India will unnecessarily deviate from the path of development and will be trapped in wars and conflicts around the world.

It is for these reasons that it is clear that India should not be a part of NATO in any way because the world needs a country with an independent voice like India. Friendship relations with America should be continuously strengthened, business cooperation and partnership should be promoted, but at the same time it should also be told in two words that India will not become a part of NATO and as far as China’s aggression is concerned , India alone is capable of dealing with that on its own but if America wants to help or take help in this then India will decide on case to case basis but will not join NATO.

Santosh Pathak

(The author is a senior journalist and columnist.)

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