Shreyas Iyer: Shreyas Iyer told the story of terrible pain, had given up hope, now wants to make a strong comeback


Chennai: Shreyas Iyer, who was out of Team India for a long time after injury, is now ready to return to Team India. Due to a back injury, Iyer’s pain at times became so unbearable that he used to worry about his career. Before getting the operation done, Iyer used to get so upset with the pain that he himself could not understand what he was going through. However, now he has recovered from the injury and has made a comeback in the Indian team for the Asia Cup.

Recalling his struggle from the injury days, Iyer told the BCCI, “It was actually a slipped disc that was compressing my nerve and the pain was going down to the little toe.” It was a scary time. It was unbearable pain and I could not understand what I was going through. The batsman then realized that the only way to get rid of this pain was an operation.

operation was the only solution

He said, ‘I had reached the point where I realized that now I have to get the operation done. Physio and experts told me that it is very important to get the operation done. The middle-order batsman also thanked his teammates who stood by him during his tough times and warmly welcomed him back into the team.

Iyer said, “To be honest, it is a great pleasure to be a part of the team and seeing happy faces all around and I am thrilled to be back.” Iyer played his last match for India in the fourth and final Test against Australia in March. After this, he could not even lead Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL 2023 due to injury. Iyer said that his decision to undergo the operation was right as he still has a long time to play cricket.

He said, ‘So I felt that getting the operation done would be the best decision and I was really happy with the decision. After the operation, the surgeon also said that it was a very good decision. Iyer said that the days spent at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) after the operation were like a tough test for him.

Iyer wants to make a strong comeback before the World Cup

Iyer said, “It was a testing phase and the physio and the trainer were confident of my strong comeback. But in my heart I could feel the pain. At that time, I was unsure whether I would be able to clear the exam or not. But after some time the pain started reducing and the strength in my leg started returning. Iyer wants to make a strong comeback in the Asia Cup with the upcoming ODI World Cup in mind but does not want to put pressure on himself by thinking too far ahead and wants to live in the present.

He said, ‘It is important for me right now to focus on the present and keep my routine right. I don’t want to think about what will happen next and what happened in the past. Iyer said, ‘As far as preparations are concerned, I practiced very well with my teammates for two days and it was competitive. So I am happy to enjoy every moment right now. The Indian team selected for the Asia Cup is currently participating in a training camp in Bengaluru. His first match in the Asia Cup will be against Pakistan on September 2.

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