Shri Ram’s life stream does not move forward leaving anyone aside


Ram of India is the heartbeat of the Indian nation. Ram is the nation. He is the identity of the Indian nation. The residents of this place spend hours of their lives chanting the name of Ram. Ram is his God and also a man of dignity. Ram himself is Kaal, he is Kaal Satya. They are not fragmented, they are unbroken. They cannot be divided into time periods. Shri Ram is the power of the Indian nation. They are sourced from National Energy. He is both the body and mind of the nation. The divine power had descended on Indian soil in the form of Shri Ram’s body. He was a bundle of complete human consciousness and sensitivity. Shri Ram had told the behavior of man to man. Taught man the art of transcendence and transcendence. Ram’s life is not a story with a beginning, middle and end. He is eternal, continuous, eternal and new. Are eternal and universal.

Along with the character of Shri Ram, the originator of lofty human ideals for human society is present. Shri Ram, who gives the form of democracy to the monarchy, never breaks even in the face of difficulties and distress, nurtures the people despite being exploited himself, does not deviate from loyalty, generosity, simplicity and tolerance even in adverse circumstances, He is the embodiment of the human concept in Indian thought.

This country needs a shining example for inspiration, a bright life that can be the focal point of the countrymen. India has this vivid life. He has his Ram. The people here are connecting with their Ram. She is making the politics of her country Ram-centric so that no person or party should use and run the country’s governance system for its own benefit, but for everyone’s happiness, everyone’s prosperity and everyone’s freedom.

Shri Ram is the light of India and India is the lifeblood of the world. Ram, India and the world have an interdependent relationship. Every part of individual, society, nation and creation is a part of Ram. Being Ramansh means the end of the crudeness of life and freedom from the guilt of crude acts. Freedom from the crime of uncultured acts means the beginning of a happy life. This auspiciousness integrates the person with the society, nation and the world. Happiness is the seed of change.

There is no doubt that the structure of Indian society, damaged by discriminatory politics, is disintegrating day by day. By connecting with Shri Ram, he once again got the message of unity. Shri Ram is not only the sensitive fiber and element of the Indian social structure, he is also the foundation of national integrity.

Shri Ram is the name of change. Changes are being reflected even in relationships and addresses. Language and feelings are changing. The perception and concept of family, individual, society and nation are also changing. Those who view the condition of the country only from the news and headlines of newspapers or news channels are disappointed, but those who are connected to the message and news of history being written on the soil of the country are hopeful. They are seeing a bright future.

The kind of discussion that takes place in newspapers, news channels, seminars and debates is not the real India. That is not even the reality of India. They are all cut off from reality. Are without context. The real India is taking its new shape in the minds of the countrymen, in the fields, in the working farmers and in the faith that is surging in the hearts of the youth. People with distorted intelligence are upset because their little gram is no longer working. The louder they scream, the louder their voices become, the stronger and closer will be the possibility of the rise of Shri Ram’s India.

The auspicious changes taking place due to the construction of Shri Ram temple are being felt everywhere. Due to the consciousness of Shri Ram, the direction of development of humanity is becoming clear. India is gaining everlasting prestige. India is moving towards removing its discrepancies. India’s national identity is about to be expressed in its true form. Those who do not accept Shri Ram are not able to deny him in direct and clear words. The importance of the great role of Shri Ram Temple in influencing the entire world is being accepted, albeit silently. Now everything is in a state of change in this country related to the feelings and principles of Shri Ram. Change: The pleasant pain before the birth of the child has started. In the afternoon of 22nd January, like Shri Ram, this change will be born in the entire land of India and in the minds of the countrymen and everything will not seem to have changed, but will be changed. This assurance is not mine, but of the ascetic and Trikaldarshi proven men of our country.

Why are we, our society and nation troubled? Only because the complex relationship between individual, society and national life has not yet been resolved, has not been organized, has not been organized. The direction of development could not be decided. Today Shri Ram is standing in front of everyone as the life character of the individual, society and nation. The criminal concept of development has started being exposed and the complicated relationship is now getting resolved and improving. This is the first time in the last 76 years that power and politics are turning from the land of economics to the land of faith. Politics, which is entangled in the economy, is becoming free from the symbols of slavery and servitude by relying on the public faith in Shri Ram. It was the economy that had established the power of the Mughals and the British by enslaving this country. The luxury of the Mughals and the plunder of the British impoverished and weakened the country. The economy is responsible for India’s political slavery. Congress culture has developed in the ashram of those who consider money as God.

The turning of the country’s politics from economics to faith is a good sign. Meaning gives rise to slavery, greed-borne frustration and cruelty, its dimension is very limited. The dimension of faith is very large and very broad. There is an awareness of penance, renunciation of faith, dedication to service, friendship and brotherhood. He has affinity, an innate tendency to consider everyone as his soul. There is not only a feeling of compassion towards suffering and poverty, but also the ability to awaken the consciousness of action to end it. If economy-free politics is connected to Shri Ram, then hunger will be quenched automatically and naturally.

In fact, India’s return to the faith and ideals of its Ram was not due to any external pressure. Those who see only political reasons for this are either making a grave mistake, or they are not properly aware of the superpower of culture. Ram is the nature of the country. The country cannot live without them and that is why whenever India has moved towards its true self, Ram, its radiance has increased, its religion has awakened and it has achieved its desired smile. Know this that Shri Ram’s life stream does not move forward leaving anyone aside, it moves forward taking everyone along with everyone while keeping everyone’s respect intact.

-Ashish Vashishtha

(The author is an independent journalist)

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