Sleeping under the pillow-blanket will be heavy, Apple warns! – apple warns iphone users dont sleep next to your phone while charging


Apple has issued a warning for its users. The company has said that it is extremely dangerous to sleep at the same place where the phone is being charged. The company has told people the right way to charge the phone and has also highlighted the disadvantages of sleeping while the phone is charging. Let’s know what Apple has to say.

The Apple company has said that while sleeping at night, the phone should not be kept parallel to the charge. This increases the risk of fire, electric shock, damage, etc. To avoid such incidents, people should put the phone on charging at a place where there is good ventilation.

Do not do these things at all:
If you have a habit of charging your phone by keeping it under a blanket or pillow, then you have to change this habit. This increases the risk of overheating of the device. Apple has also made it clear not to sleep with the device, power adapter, or wireless charger on. The company has said that iPhones, power adapters and wireless chargers should always be kept where there is good ventilation. The company has also highlighted that do not use cheap alternatives for Apple products as they can damage the phone. Along with this, users have also been encouraged to use Made for iPhone cables.

The company has said that it is possible to charge the iPhone with third-party cables and power adapters as long as these products meet the USB 2.0 or later standard. Apple’s warning is limited to sleeping while charging. Apart from this, it has also been said that the phone should not be placed on charging near any liquid or water. This may damage the phone. Using a faulty cable or charger or moisture can cause the charger to catch fire. Not only this, shock can also be felt. It is also possible to be harmed by this. In the last, Apple has advised to follow the guidelines and give priority to security.

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