Slow signals from the global market, Asian markets also fell. Loktej Business News


New Delhi, 05 July (Hindustan Times). There is lethargy in the global market today. There was no trading during the previous trading session due to the Independence Day holiday in the US. US futures also seem to be trading at a flat level today. European markets also closed with losses during the previous trading session. At the same time, there is continuous pressure in the Asian markets today.

US markets were closed yesterday on account of Independence Day. Today the US Federal Reserve is going to release its minutes. It is believed that it can be said to increase the interest rates once again. Prior to this, US Federal Reserve (US Fed) President Jerome Powell has indicated to increase interest rates at least twice this year. It is believed that the investors of the US market will keep an eye on the minutes of the US Fed today and accordingly the trend of today’s business will be decided.

The European market remained under pressure during the last trading session. The FTSE index closed at a level of 7,519.72 points with a weakness of 0.10 percent. Similarly, the CAC index ended the previous session’s trade at 7,369.93 points, down 0.23 per cent. Apart from this, the DAX index fell by 0.26 percent and closed at the level of 16,039.17 points.

Today, there is a trend of weakness in the Asian markets as well. Out of 9 markets in Asia including India, only one Jakarta Composite Index is looking green. The indices of all the remaining 8 markets are trading in the red with a fall. The Jakarta Composite Index is seen trading at a level of 6,698.45 points with a gain of 0.25 percent in the trading so far.

On the other hand, GIFT Nifty is trading at 19,473 points, down by 0.11 per cent. Apart from this, the Nikkei index has slipped to the level of 33,322.51 points with a weakness of 100.01 points i.e. 0.30 percent. Similarly, the Straits Times Index is trading at 3,187.07 points, down 0.52 percent. While the Hang Seng index has weakened by 281.84 points, or 1.45 percent, to reach the level of 19,133.84 points in the business so far. Apart from this, the Kospi index is trading at a level of 2,588.94 points with a weakness of 0.17 percent, the Set Composite index fell 0.20 percent to 1,512.21 points and the Shanghai Composite index fell 0.52 percent to 3,228.68 points.

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