Smart Uses Of Old Chudi, Do not throw away old glass bangles considering them useless, you can use them to decorate your home – what to do with old chudiya or bangles


According to Hindu religion, wearing glass bangles is considered necessary for married women. At the same time, unmarried girls also like to wear bangles with ethnic wear. But with time the bangles lose their shine or their set gets spoiled and they become unfit to be worn again. In such situations, most people throw it away. But do you know that you can also decorate your home with these old and useless bangles? If you don’t know then this article is for you-

Give a unique look to a simple lamb
To give a vibrant look to the side lamp in the room, you can use old glass bangles. For this, break colorful bangles into medium and small sizes and stick them on the lamp. When you turn on the lamp, it will look very beautiful with light.

Make wind chimes from bangles
You can make wind chimes from old bangles to decorate your home and balcony. For this, take 3 bangles and wrap them with shiny lace, and tie them together. You can also make wind chimes by adding bangles one below the other in the order of 4, 3, 2, 1. Place a small vine at its end. Now hang it with a long string.

Make tie backs for curtains
Tie backs are used to gather the curtains. But these only come ready-made with expensive curtains. That’s why most people tie knots in the curtains to collect them, which causes the curtains to shrink. In this case, you can prepare tie backs for curtains with bangles. For this stick 2-3 bangles together and wrap silk cloth or thread on it and decorate it with pearls. Now use it whenever you want to fold the curtains. This will make even your cheap curtains look expensive.

make candle holders
Candle holders are very expensive in the market. In such a situation, if you have old bangles, then you can prepare your own candle holder. For this, take glass bangles of the same size and stick them one above the other. Your candle holder is ready.

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