Smartwatch has left the watch! Now Samsung is bringing Galaxy Smart Ring, Bracelet, and Necklace – samsung to be launch smart wearable galaxy one galaxy pulse and galaxy rhythm


There was a time when people used to have wrist watches on their hands. But ever since the smart watch has entered the market, the normal wrist watch has been retired. In today’s time, people prefer to buy smartwatch instead of wrist watch. Now it seems that bracelets, rings and necklaces are going to be discharged from the market, as Samsung is preparing to launch smart bracelets as well as smart rings and smart necklaces.

Samsung is bringing new wearable app

Last week, the Samsung Health beta app announced support for the Galaxy Ring. According to which the brand is bringing an app support for its smart ring or smart ring of other brands. The company introduced Samsung Circle, Samsung Smart Index and Smart Insight this year. It is trademarked under the names Galaxy One, Galaxy Pulse and Galaxy Rhythm. Along with this, they have also been listed in the Intellectual Property Right from GalaxyClub. This is not the first time that Samsung has applied for a trademark for a wearable device.

Will get health support

These are all wearable health devices. It specifies software applications for smart rings to track, collect, monitor, detect, identify, malfunction, transmit biometric and body data, vital signs and health records.

When will be the launching
Although there is no information about how long the smart device will be launched. But so much so that the company can first introduce it in beta version in South Korea.

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