Snow sports fueling China’s summer economy


Due to the summer season, there has been a boom in the number of indoor snow sports venues in China, and snow sports have also become the new fashion to escape the heat.
The Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics were successfully held, ushering in a new era of global snow sports and promoting the rapid development of China’s snow industry. The number of snow sports participants in China’s eastern, central and western regions has steadily increased, with participation rates of 25.34 percent, 18.64 percent, and 22.07 percent, respectively, while the total number of participants reached 143 million, 68 million, and 84 million. . Out of these, 22.86% participants have experienced indoor snow sports like indoor skating and skiing, indoor simulated ski machine etc.
In recent years, indoor skiing resorts have been established in many cities in southern China. Also, the number of ice rinks in these cities has also increased rapidly. This has accelerated the development and popularity of snow sports in southern China. Major open-air skiing resorts in northern China were temporarily closed and the 2022–2023 snow season ended. However, in southern and southwestern Chinese cities such as Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Chongqing, indoor ski resorts are still packed with people. Skiing is no longer limited to seasons and the concept of “snow season” has gradually blurred. Especially since the beginning of summer, the warm weather has accelerated the summer economy. Snow sports are becoming more and more popular. The vitality of cultural and tourism consumption related to this is also increasing. The snow sports industry is also becoming a “new economy” in China.
China is actively expanding the holding of colorful and diverse mass snow brand events, and improving the establishment of the promotion system for snow sports. In China, snow sports have become a new way of national fitness, a new driving force for healthy China, and a new fashion for social life.
(Credits – China Media Group, Beijing)

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