Something Went Wrong: What happened to Twitter? Why does it keep going down?


why is twitter down

Twitter Outage Update – Thousands of users faced the problem on the microblogging platform Twitter. Twitter came to a standstill globally on Saturday evening. This problem is more or less intact on Sunday. Many users are complaining about problems opening the app and not being able to refresh tweets.

twitter outage

Some users see Can Not Retrieve Tweets error on Twitter, while many people are seeing the message of Something Went Wrong and Rate Limit Exceeded. Let us tell you that this happened once again on Saturday, when Twitter Down happened.

Twitter something went wrong

According to Down Detector, about 4,000 users reported the problem on Twitter. After the problem in Twitter, social media users were seen pulling Twitter owner Elon Musk. One user wrote, Elon Musk made it worse by buying Twitter.

why is twitter down

The news of social media site Twitter being down came from all over the world including India. According to reports, users had trouble tweeting. Along with this, users also faced difficulties in accessing the social site.

twitter latest update

Amidst the news of Twitter Down, users expressed anger against Twitter on other social media platforms. At the same time, different types of mimes were also shared on social media on Twitter’s outage.

elon musk sets daily tweet read limit

Let us tell you that Twitter owner Elon Musk has set a limit for users to read posts on Twitter. Musk said that this is a temporary arrangement that has been implemented to prevent large-scale data theft.

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