Speaker of Canada’s lower house apologizes for honoring man who fought for Nazis


The speaker of Canada’s House of Commons has apologized for honoring a man who fought on behalf of a Nazi military unit during the Second World War. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the lower house on Friday.

During this, when Speaker Anthony Rota drew attention to 98-year-old Yaroslav Hunka, the MPs stood up and greeted him. Rota described Hunka as a war hero fighting for the ‘First Ukrainian Division’.

“In my remarks after the address of the President of Ukraine, I mentioned a man in the parliament gallery,” Rota said in a statement on Sunday. Later I got more information about that person after which I regretted my decision.

He said members of parliament and Ukraine’s delegation were not aware of their plans to recognize Hunka. Rota had said that Hunka was from his district. “I especially want to apologize to the Jewish community in Canada and around the world,” Rota said. I take full responsibility for my actions.”

Hunka could not be immediately contacted. After MPs stood up twice, Hunka saluted from the gallery, to which Canadian MPs cheered and President Zelensky also raised his fist and raised his hand in the air. “We thank him for all his services,” Rota said, calling him “a hero of Ukraine and Canada.” Zelensky was in Ottawa to seek support from Western allies against Russian aggression. Russian President Vladimir Putin refers to his enemies in Ukraine as “neo-Nazis,” although Zelensky is Jewish and lost relatives in the genocide. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office said in a statement that Rota had apologized and accepted full responsibility for issuing the invitation to Hunka and its recognition in Parliament.

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