sri sri ravishankar, ‘a dead man has come out dressed’, sri sri ravishankar’s mind-boggling answer to a question on style – sri sri ravishankar take on fashion and global trends is something which everyone needs to hear


What was the question?

Celebrity fashion stylist Amy Patel shared a video on her Instagram page. In this, she was seen asking questions to spiritual guru Sri Sri. He had asked ‘Gurudev, what are those 5 things, which you would like to see become fashionable or a part of the global trend?’

Reply to Sri Sri

Reply to Sri Sri

Ravi Shankar testified that first of all he would like to walk the ramp and see smiles on the faces of pageants who show their beauty to the world.

Sri Sri further added that another thing that he would like to see become a part of the global trend is to awaken and bring out the inner beauty, not just outerwear.

like a dead man

like a dead man

Taking forward the matter of ‘inner beauty’, the spiritual leader said that if the inner beauty is not awakened, no matter how fashionable one wears, but looking at it one would look like a corpse dressed in clothes.

Keep your mind new and fresh like new clothes

Keep your mind new and fresh like new clothes

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said that people should be alive and happy. He said that keep the mind as ‘fresh and new’ as you keep your clothes.

Guru also revealed that often people come out wearing brand new and nice clothes, but their mind and personality do not seem to match it.

Don’t copy the west, be proud of your culture

Don't copy the west, be proud of your culture

Ravi Shankar also insisted on adopting his own culture. He said don’t copy west or south countries. Showcase your culture openly and be proud of it. He further said that most colorful clothes are seen in India and the textile industry here is one of the top industries in the world. Everyone should be proud of this.

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