SSKM’s 32 doctors successfully transplanted hands in 22 hours of operation


The doctors of SSKM Hospital, one of the biggest government hospital in Kolkata city, have made the almost impossible possible. After a 27-year-old man was declared brain dead, a man double hand transplant Has been done. In the language of doctors, it is called cadaveric donor transplant. This has happened for the first time in the country. According to the information received from the hospital management, this surgery started at five in the morning on Saturday, which continued till three in the morning on Sunday.

The young man was kept on ventilator for 27 hours

The operation went on continuously for about 22 hours. The team of 32 doctors and other medical staff has achieved this feat. The young man was kept on ventilator for 27 consecutive hours. The young man was removed from ventilation at 9 am on Sunday. He is now kept in CCU. The condition of the patient is said to be stable. of hospital Department of Plastic Surgery He is undergoing treatment under the supervision of doctors.

The news of transplant of heart, kidney, liver, lung, cornea and skin is often heard. But this is the first case of hand transplant. On this achievement of the doctors of the hospital, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has congratulated the government doctors across the state.

Introduction of deceased organ donor

On July 9, Haripad Rana (43), a resident of Howrah’s Ulbedia, had become a victim of a road accident. Haripad had a head injury. It is being told that he was riding a bike. After the accident, he was first admitted to Ulbedia Divisional Hospital. But when his condition worsened, he was admitted to the Trauma Care Center of SSKM Hospital. But, on July 13, the doctors declared Haripad brain dead.

Doctors motivate family for organ donation

During this, the doctors encouraged the family to donate the organs. After this the family agreed to donate the organs of the deceased. After this, his blood group and cell related information was taken from the hospital. On the other hand, a youth resident of Birati in North 24 Parganas district was undergoing treatment in the plastic surgery department of SSKM for the last one year. He needed both hands.

The wife of the deceased took the decision of organ donation.

As a result, the hospital asked the family of the deceased to donate both hands. At first the family members were shocked to hear this proposal, but the wife of the deceased finally decided to donate the organ. History has been created once again in organ donation in the state. A family member said: The person in the house had lost his life. At first we were uncomfortable on the doctor’s advice, but when the family accepted the doctor’s proposal, then other members of the house also agreed.

Such surgery happened for the first time in Bengal

A senior doctor of SSKM Hospital, who was involved in the surgery, said that both the hands of the young man were burnt due to the shock while working as an electrician. They were not working. At the same time, he underwent many tests including vaccination for hand transplant. Special Medical Board was constituted and its permission was taken.

Transplant has been done, but there is also a challenge: Doctor

A doctor from the nephrology department said: The transplant has been done. But the challenge is till when the body will accept this hand. Many types of medical devices have been used to join hands. Many times the body does not accept such foreign substances. That’s why high antibiotics are being used. If blood circulation does not start, then rotting will start. There are other aspects of the body as well. The youth was kept under strict observation.

The family also donated these organs

Along with the hands, the heart, liver, both kidneys, skin and cornea of ​​the deceased have been donated. Heart transplant was done at Narayan Super Specialty Hospital in Howrah on Saturday itself. The heart has been implanted in the chest of Kallol Kumar Chowdhary, a patient of the hospital. Whereas liver, both kidney, skin transplant has been done in SSKM only. The cornea is kept in the eye bank of SSKM. Significantly, SSKM Hospital is the only government super specialty hospital in the state.

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