Stalker Wireless Earbuds Review: Unique design for Rs 6999? just corseca stalker wireless earbuds review check performance under rs 7000


JUST CORSECA Stalker Wireless Earbuds Review: Shortly before, these earbuds have been launched for Rs 6,999. Their design is quite unique. It can be said that this is the first earbud of its kind which has been made available in such a case. The company has specially made it for children. How was its sound quality and how is the overall performance, let us know.

It is such a unique design that it makes sense to start with it. Its design is like a toy. Earbuds are present under its cap. The quality of the case is very good. Similarly, the quality of earbuds is also very good. The charging port is given at the back. It supports Type-C charging. It was comfortable to wear in the ear. Would have been better if it had silicone ear tips.

Sound Quality:

As we told you that it is specially made for children. It has less than 60db available. db i.e. decibel is a logarithmic unit used to measure sound level. If someone is talking in a whisper, then it is about 30 dB. On the other hand, if someone is having a normal and relaxed conversation then it is 60 dB. In such a situation, this figure is perfect for children. At full volume, the sound sounds a bit choppy. Too much bass. The experience of listening to music on low sound was good. It is not designed for loud music listeners.

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Bluetooth 5.1 has been given in it. Through this, these earbuds easily connect to the phone. Once connected it does not need to be connected again and again. It connects automatically. But sometimes there was a problem with the connection. Sometimes it has to be connected manually.

Touch Controls:
You can answer calls with just a single tap. All you have to do is one tap while driving and the phone is answered. Also you can reject like this. One can easily answer and reject calls by tapping on either of the two buds. To activate Google Assistant or Siri, you have to tap three times.

When listening to songs, double clicking the left earphone will play the last song. Double tap on the right earbud for the next track. To increase the volume, the right earbud has to be long pressed. To reduce, the left earbud has to be long pressed. Tapping any earbud 4 times can switch between game and music modes.

It also has a caller voice announcement feature. This lets you know who is calling you. If a call comes from a number, then the number is also spoken out. Experience with them was good. Voice announcement could have been cleared a bit more. Sometimes the announcement is not heard clearly if there is too much noise.

Calling Experience:
Calling experience was not good at a place with more shows. But the calling experience was fine in a quiet place. During this, the voices from both the sides came out very clearly. The connection of the phone remains up to 10 meters from the phone. In the case of calling, I found it to be fine.

Battery: Each of its earbuds comes with 50 mAh battery. The company claims that its standby time is 100 hours. This claim proves to be true according to the amount I used it or left it idle. It takes about 2 to 2.25 hours to fully charge it. If it is used continuously, then its battery supports only for 3 to 4 hours.

Our Verdict:
The features of these earbuds are good and there is no major problem except high volume. The performance of the earbuds was slightly less according to the price. Its price could have been kept a little lower.

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