Stay away from fake website of Supreme Court, CJI said this


Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud warned lawyers and litigants about a fake website of the Supreme Court and asked them to be careful while doing monetary transactions. The top court also issued a public notice in view of the fake website created for cheating and asked the public not to click or share any website link without verifying its authenticity. During the hearing in the Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court on the petitions challenging the decision to repeal the provisions of Article-370 of the Constitution giving special status to Jammu and Kashmir, Justice Chandrachud said, please be careful. Do not click on that link. Do not use it for monetary transactions.

Criminals will get help in stealing information

In the notice issued by the Supreme Court, it was said that the Registry of the Supreme Court of India has been informed about the fraud through fake website. A fake website has been created imitating the official website and has been installed at the URL. It has been said in the notice that personal details and confidential information are being sought by the fraudsters through the URL. Any visitor is strongly advised not to share or disclose any personal and confidential information on the above mentioned URLs, as this will help criminals to steal information.

Change your online account passwords immediately

The notice states that the registry of the apex court of India never asks for personal information, financial details or other confidential information. It states that if you are a victim of online fraud, change the passwords of your online accounts immediately, contact your bank or credit card company immediately and inform them about the fraud done to you. According to this notice, the Supreme Court Registry has asked law enforcement agencies to investigate cyber fraud and bring its conspirators to justice.

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