Strict action should be taken against leaders who show their influence over the law.

There is no doubt that influential people play with the law as a toy and the system also proves to be very helpful in their work. This has been going on in the country for years. Even after making the strictest laws and taking various other measures, the influential people do not desist from making fun of the law every day. This group, which dwarfs the law, gets political protection. In such a situation, these people with money power and political protection easily circumvent the rules and regulations due to the shortcomings and loopholes in the system.

The police, which is very prompt in arresting the common man on his slightest mistake, takes time to reach the influential and influential people. In West Bengal its duration becomes much longer. Trinamool Congress leader Shahjahan Shaikh, who became the target of all-round condemnation due to the Sandeshkhali case, has been caught by the police after being absconding for 55 days. But then, when the Calcutta High Court reprimanded the Mamata government. Had he not been reprimanded, he would have been kept hidden. The pomp and show with which he entered the police station and court made one feel as if he was an emperor.

The West Bengal Police looked prostrated and frightened before him. The fact that he had the protection of power cannot be hidden from the statement of Trinamool Congress that we have suspended him. This is not Rajdharma, it is shamelessness that the High Court order was even misinterpreted to not arrest him. If ED suspects that Bengal Police can help Shahjahan Sheikh then it is natural. The Trinamool Congress government continued to defend its leader very shamelessly. The words in which the women of Sandeshkhali have expressed their pain can melt the heart of even a stone-hearted person. But the heart of the woman Chief Minister of West Bengal did not fail. Shahjahan was arrested after protests by the Bharatiya Janata Party and strong comments from the High Court.

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has so far sent eight summons to Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal for questioning in the Delhi liquor scam. Instead of appearing before the investigating agency, Kejriwal is calling the ED summons illegal. He is avoiding investigation through legal tricks. And standing in the Delhi Assembly, he is venting his anger on the Modi government at the Center and his political opponents. Since no legal action can be taken on the statement given in the Assembly. Due to this, Kejriwal has made the Assembly a platform to vent his anger and make fabricated allegations against his political opponents. The people of the country are watching their show.

In the liquor scam in which he is to be interrogated, his most important associates Manish Sisodia and Sanjay Singh are breaking the bread and butter of Tihar. The way a person holding a constitutional post is making fun of the law and the Constitution is certainly setting a bad example in the society. At the same time, this question also arises in the mind of the common man that why does the law appear weak and helpless in front of the influential people? Like Kejriwal, former Telangana Chief Minister Hemant Soren also continued to defy the ED summons and made all efforts to save himself. After a lot of struggle, ED caught him. At present Soren is getting jail food.

Punjab Haryana High Court raised questions on repeatedly granting parole to Ram Rahim, who is serving a jail sentence in a murder and rape case. The High Court said why only Ram Rahim is getting parole again and again? Why are other prisoners not given benefits? Rape convict Ram Rahim was given parole for 50 days in January this year. This was his 7th parole in about 10 months and 9th in the last four years. The High Court has ordered the Haryana Government that now Ram Rahim will not be given parole without the permission of the court. It is through the nexus of power, system, protectors and protectors of law that influential people like Ram Rahim turn law into football.

As long as criminals continue to get protection from the corridors of power, this shamelessness will continue. In every incident, the patronage of some influential person or the other in power has been visible. Every time there is talk of strictest action being taken by the government, some culprits are also arrested, the investigation is covered up and after that everything is forgotten. Incidents like Sandeshkhali remain in the news for a few days and then disappear from the minds of people. How many remember the Nithari incident? How many remember the Bihar Muzaffarpur Shelter Home Rape Case? How many remember the punishment of his culprit? After a few days, the same thing will happen with Sandeshkhali also.

Even if the influential people get involved in any case, looking at their face, body language, pride and arrogance dripping from their face, it does not seem that they have even the slightest fear of the law. They consider the police administration as their servants. Somewhere the system also seems to be helping them. The judicial system is also such that it does not delay in granting bail to influential people. Their cases are heard even at midnight. However, crores of cases are pending in the courts of the country. And the common man has to wait for years to get justice. Dozens of influential people are living a comfortable life by easily getting bail in corruption and other serious cases. Lalu Prasad Yadav, convicted in the fodder scam, is on bail due to health issues. His activity in politics shows that he is now healthy. And if he is healthy then why is he on bail? Even if the influential people have to go to jail, they continue to enjoy all the luxuries as per their wish. There are hundreds of such examples. The nation has seen the video of Delhi Minister Satyendar Jain allegedly getting a massage in his jail cell. Who will be able to forget the hospitality shown by the Congress government to the famous UP leader and mafia Mukhtar Ansari in the Punjab jail.

The countrymen must not have forgotten when an influential son-in-law made fun of the common man by calling him Mango People, a Bollywood singer showed the same arrogance by calling the homeless people sleeping on the footpath as dogs. When any leader or influential person is caught by the investigating agency, he makes a victory gesture and waves his hands in the air. As if he had done something great. At the time of arrest or while going for investigation, the expressions of politicians and influential people are as if they are going to do a favor. And he has not done anything wrong, he has been implicated due to politics. The protest and demonstration by the leader’s supporters outside the office of the investigating agency is an indirect act of intimidating, threatening and putting pressure on the investigating agency.

At the same time, the kind of reactions that emerge when an influential person is punished are shocking. In them, along with the arrogance of being special and contempt of the court, one can also hear the height of insensitivity. If any influential person who considers himself above the law has done any illegal work, then sooner or later the law will punish him for his actions, but there is also a need to curb the arrogance of the upper class, who are adamant in proving their wrongdoings right. I become inhuman.

– Dr. Ashish Vashishtha

(The author is a senior freelance journalist)

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