Sudarshan Setu is a priceless gift from Prime Minister Modi to Sanatan culture.


The immortality of Sanatan Hindu culture, which started during the tenure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is gaining new aura every day. The inauguration of the divine, grand and navy Ram temple in Ayodhya on 22 January 2024, the temple in Abu Dhabi and subsequently the foundation stone of Kalki Dham in Sambhal district of Uttar Pradesh are important historical points of Amritkal. After the consecration of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, the way the Sanatan Hindu society of the entire world celebrated Diwali on the call of Prime Minister Modi is amazing and historical. Before the consecration of life in Ayodhya, Prime Minister Narendra Modi strictly followed Yama Niyama for 11 days and visited all the temples which were related to the Ramayana period in some way or the other. Whatever temple Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits, he comes back drawing a comprehensive picture of its expansion and the development of the surrounding areas. It is the result of the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that today crowds of devotees are flocking to every pilgrimage site in India.

Introducing the present with the ancientness of Sanatan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his visit to Gujarat, went scuba driving on the Panchkui beach here, visited the submerged ancient city of Dwarka of Lord Shri Krishna and worshiped him under water and added an immortal moment in history. . Naturally, now every Sanatani Hindu would like to bless himself by visiting the submerged Dwarka and the submerged Dwarka pilgrimage will also come in the travel list of the devotees. On this occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the blessings of Shankaracharya Swami Sadanand Ji Maharaj at Dwarka Sharda Peeth. The Prime Minister said that a lot has been written about submerged Dwarka by archaeologists and in the Puranas. According to our scriptures, this city of Dwarka with beautiful gates and tall buildings will be like the peak on earth, it is believed that Lord Vishwakarma himself had built the city of Dwarka. With the help of naval divers, the Prime Minister prayed, folded hands and offered a peacock feather to Lord Krishna. On coming out, the Prime Minister said that he was experiencing ancient grandeur and divinity in Dwarka ji.

During this visit, the Prime Minister inaugurated the country’s longest bridge in Dwarka, which will usher in a new era of development and tourism in this region, this bridge has been named “Sudarshan Setu”.

Features of Sudarshan Setu – It is a historical signature bridge whose inspiration is Geeta and the source is the energy of the Sun. Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of this bridge on 7 October 2017. Earlier the name of this bridge was Signature Bridge which has now been changed to Sudarshan Setu. It connects Okha to Bet Dwarka, an island in the middle of the sea. The biggest feature of Sudarshan Bridge is that here the verses of Bhagavad Gita and images of Shri Krishna are engraved on both the sides. In this, solar panels have been installed on the upper part of the footpath from which one megawatt of solar energy is produced. This bridge connecting Okha Mainland to Bet Dwarka Island will give a new direction to connectivity in the region. Till now, pilgrims had to depend on boats to reach Bet Dwarka and wait when the weather turned bad. After the construction of Sudarshan Bridge, this problem of pilgrims will end. Sudarshan Setu is actually the Prime Minister’s gift to Sanatan culture.

After the Prime Minister’s visit to the submerged Dwarka and then his public meeting, it became clear that this area is going to be developed on a larger scale. This Sudarshan Setu is 2.32 km long and there are 2.50 meter wide footpaths on the bridge. This 27.20 meter wide bridge has four lanes. It has been built at a cost of Rs 979 crore. Wherever Prime Minister Narendra Modi goes, that place comes on top in the travel list of pilgrims and tourists. Kedarnath, Lakshadweep, Sikkim, Parvati Kund, Kashi, Ayodhya are vivid proofs of this and now submerged Dwarka is also eager to make a place in this list. Is. As soon as the Prime Minister shared the pictures and videos of his visit to the submerged Dwarka on the internet, the topic of Dwarka city started being discussed in every house. The Prime Minister gives many signals and messages through each of his actions. Analysts believe that Bet Dwarka’s message is that Shri Krishna’s birthplace in Mathura is also going to be saved soon.

-Mrityunjay Dixit

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