Surat: Big news regarding Diamond Bourse, know when Prime Minister Modi can inaugurate it. Loktej Surat, Business News


It is possible that after November 21, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the Surat Diamond Bourse, which is considered the world’s largest diamond trading center. For this, a member of the committee has informed that time has been given to meet the committee on July 20 regarding the letter written by the Surat Diamond Burse Committee to the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister will inaugurate the Surat Diamond Bourse on whatever date is available after November 21. With this, Surat Diamond will have a different identity in the whole world. On this occasion, people associated with the diamond industry from outside India are also expected to be present in this inaugural program. Around 350 diamond traders who have booked offices in Diamond Burse have announced to open their offices after 21st November.

The Diamond Bourse located in Surat’s Khajod will start throbbing after 21st November. The world’s largest diamond market has been set up in Surat, where traders from Surat and Mumbai will simultaneously open offices in the Surat diamond market. In which the first 350 offices have been allotted to those owners. Traders have announced to start office after 21st November. The Surat Diamond Bourse is likely to be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi after 21 November. The Surat Diamond Bourse Committee has also written a letter to the Prime Minister for this. For which appointment has been received on 20th July.

In this regard, Surat Diamond Bourse committee member Dinesh Navadiya has said that Surat Diamond Bourse is the world’s largest diamond trade center, which has been built on a cooperative basis. Traders booked their offices in Diamond Bourse. On the basis of booking, the office has been constructed and prepared under planning by Diamond Bursa. The offices have already been allotted. In which 350 people have agreed to start their office on 21 November.

More than 1000 Diamond Bourse committee members are expected to participate on 21st November. All these people will inaugurate their offices together, which will be a world record. Initially around 100 offices will be operational simultaneously. Gujarat and Surat are going to be benefited by the opening of Surat Diamond Bourse. With the inauguration of Surat Diamond Burse by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it will make its mark on the world stage in future. The Statue of Unity was unveiled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Lakhs of people are coming today. Similarly, with the inauguration of Surat Diamond Bourse by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, people from all over the world will also come to see Diamond Bourse.

With the opening of Surat Diamond Bourse, the Gujarat government is also going to get a big benefit in terms of revenue. Due to which the diamond industries of Surat are also going to get more momentum and will get big benefit. With the opening of Surat Diamond Bourse, about one lakh new employment opportunities are going to be created. Lakhs of people will get employment from small grocery traders to education, health, entertainment, real estate sector. With the launch of Surat Diamond Burse, a new identity of Surat will also be created in the world, which will come out as a matter of pride for Surat.

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