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After 12 years, the elections of the Federation of Surat Textile Traders Association (FOSTA) were concluded on Saturday amid great enthusiasm and enthusiasm among the traders. The polling began at 11 a.m. under tight police arrangements at Vankar Textile Market complex on Ring Road, which continued till 5 p.m. There were 55 candidates in the fray for 41 director posts. Out of a total of 634 voters in 211 markets, 577 voters exercised their franchise, registering 91 percent voting. The counting of votes started at 6 pm. In Salasar zone, 107 out of 116 voters, 105 out of 112 in Begumwadi zone, 137 out of 156 in Saroli zone, 105 out of 118 in Kamela zone and 123 out of 132 in Ringrod zone exercised their franchise.

The development panel led by textile pioneer Kailash Hakim was leading from the start of counting. After the final round of counting at 9 pm, all the 41 candidates of the development panel were declared victorious. It was clear from the election result that the traders completely rejected the old functionaries of FOSTA. Ten candidates of the unity panel just lost. All the members including Kailas Hakim 548, Dinesh Kataria 548, Arvind Gadia 540 got more than 400 votes from the development panel. Ranganath Sharda got 173 votes and Champalal Bodhra got 179 votes from the unity panel.

Talking about the election process that took place years later, according to the rules announced by the election committee of FOSTA, 636 voters had to cast 41 compulsory votes. If he had cast one vote less or one vote more, his vote would have been cancelled. Voting for 41 candidates at once took a lot of time for the voters and therefore the Election Committee had adequately arranged 15 polling stations.

After the election results were declared, Kailas Hakim, Dinesh Kataria were celebrated and congratulated by the supporters by lifting them on their shoulders. After the grand victory, the formality of Kailas Hakim Fosta’s election as the new president is pending. Traders now have high hopes from the new leadership.

Which candidate got how many votes, this is the list

Anandraj Vaishnav 129
Arun Patodia 524
Arvind Gadia 540
Ashok Agarwal 535
Atul Maniyar 99
Bajrang Agarwal 527
Bharatbhai Shankar 80
Champalal Bodhra 179
Dawood Ghoghari 81
Dayanand Agarwal 113
Dipchand Chowdhary 521
Dinesh Bhogar 526
Dinesh Kataria 548
Girish Mittal 544
Girish Fatnani 506
Gulshan Nandwani 523
Hansraj Jain 537
Jagdish Kothari 541
Kailas Hakim 548
Kailas Wadhera 531
Kapil Arora 533
Lalit Jain 541
Lalit Malik 523
Mahendra Bhayal 503
Manish Gupta 527
Manoj Narang 114
Mohansingh Purohit 519
Nanalalji Rathod 527
Narendra Batra 111
Naresh Chuglani 516
Navlesh Goyal 541
Niraj Agarwal 540
Omprakash Gandhi 536
Purushottam Agarwal 534
Purushottam Narang 109
Rajeev Adhalakha 89
Rajendra Ordia 521
Rajesh Doshi 114
Ramlal Chowdhary 512
Ranganath Sharda 173
Ravi Agarwal 509
Sajjankumar Jalan 504
Satyanarayan Lahoti 509
Satyanarayana Rathi 63
Shail Sanghvi 51
Shailesh Shah 479
Shivraj Parekh 481
Shyam Satyal 471
Sunderlal Chopra 499
Sunil Kothari 500
Suresh Malpani 492
Suresh Modi 478
Tarun Agarwal 482
Trilokchand Thadani 462
Vinod Agarwal 478

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