Surat: Industrialists took a suo motu resolution to export more than Rs 17,593 crore. Loktej Surat, Business News


South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized a dialogue program with Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya, Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers and Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, under SGCCI Global Connect Mission 84 on Saturday. The Union Minister guided the industrialists as to what the Government of India wanted from the industrialists. The industrialists had a detailed discussion with them about their expectations from the government to increase trade and exports and raised some questions and suggestions.

Chamber of Commerce President Ramesh Vaghasia said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set a target of making India a five trillion US dollar economy by the year 2027. For this the industrialists have been given an export target of US $ 1 trillion, so various efforts are being made by the Chamber of Commerce under the SGCCI Global Connect Mission 84 to increase the contribution of industrialists in exports from Gujarat region. In the program organized by the Chamber of Commerce, in the presence of Union Minister Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya, the currently exporting entrepreneurs took a resolution to increase their exports and encourage new entrepreneurs to start exports.

The Chamber President further said that in this program organized by the Chamber of Commerce, the industrialists associated with the chemical and pharma industry have pledged to export more than Rs 17,593 crore. Now industrialists manufacturing and exporting textile, diamond, gems and jewellery, solar energy, information technology, engineering, defense products will be added to the upcoming programs organized by the Chamber and they will also be encouraged to increase their exports.

In this way, efforts will be made to export Rs 1,68,000 crore from South Gujarat including Surat and the entire Gujarat region, if even 50 percent of this is exported, the export target of Rs 84,000 crore will be achieved. He further said that we will meet the export target by 2026 under Mission 84.

Addressing the industrialists, Union Minister Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya said that it is the rite of a businessman to prepare a roadmap to achieve success with goal oriented collective commitment. He congratulated those who took the decision to strengthen India’s economy. He said, I am sure you can export 84000 crores. In such a situation, when every youth will move ahead with a resolution, then no one will be able to stop India from developing.

India was already rich in trade. The oldest dock in the world is in Lothal. 5000 years ago trade was done from Lothal. Water harvesting and town planning took place in Dholavira 5000 years ago. At one time flags of 84 countries were flying in Surat. 200 years ago ships were made in Surat. That’s why this country is the bearer of rich heritage. The future of a person is ensured by taking inspiration from heritage. Efforts are being made so that the world can see India’s prosperity.

He said that to become an exporter, you have to create quality products, reasonable prices and demand for the products in the world. There is a need to create credibility in the world. India’s Covid management has been the best in the world. Through which work was done to provide security to trade and business and 74 countries of the world thanked India. After Kovid, such a belief has arisen in the world towards India that the world wants to buy products from India, even if the product will be expensive. India is the safest investment country in the world.

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