Surat: Kailash Hakim became the new president of FOSTA. Loktej Surat, Business News


Kailash Hakim was elected as President, Dinesh Kataria as Secretary and Nanalal Rathod as Treasurer in the board meeting of FOSTA (Federation of Surat Textile Traders Association), representing 80,000 textile traders of Surat city.

The meeting was called by FOSTA election officials at Surat Textile Market STM on Saturday. This was the first meeting of the 41 elected Board of Directors after the FOSTA elections were held on July 8. The main purpose of the meeting called by the election officials was to transfer their responsibilities to the new board of directors. All the 41 Board Directors were present in the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, the newly elected President Kailash Hakim thanked the election officials for conducting the elections in a fair and cordial environment and the election officials were honored by garlanding them. After that all the 41 directors were honored one after the other by giving bouquets from the election officials.

FOSTA Director Hansraj Jain proposed the name of Kailash Hakim for the post of President, which was approved by all the directors. Similarly, Ram Lal Chowdhary proposed the name of Dinesh Kataria for the post of Secretary, which was approved by the present directors. Nanalal Rathod was elected the treasurer. Newly elected President Kailash Hakim said that the swearing-in ceremony of all the office bearers will be held on July 23 from 7 pm at the Exhibition and Convention Center of the Chamber of Commerce, Sarsana.

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