Surat: New experiment of cloth traders and police, special suggestion boxes installed in the market. Loktej Surat, Business News


A unique experiment has been started in Surat with the cloth merchants and the police. This experiment has been done to overcome the problem of traders who are afraid to go to the police station against cheating and harassment of various kinds. FOSTA in association with the police has started installing special complaint suggestion boxes in every market. Due to which the traders will feel that there is a police station in every market and they will be able to complain about their problems without going to the police station.

The suggestion box kept in the textile market of Surat city will be useful for those traders who are unable to go to the police station due to fear, this box will prove useful for their redressal. Police will take immediate action on the basis of complaint placed in this box and this suggestion box will be regularly checked from time to time. The market officials will regularly forward the written complaints received in this suggestion box to FOSTA and the police station.

Surat Police Commissioner Ajay Kumar Tomar said that the textile market is a strong pillar of Surat’s economic system. There are more than 300 cloth markets in Surat. There are more than 70,000 shops here. Traders in this market are afraid of fraudsters, who do not pay them after buying their goods. When such fraudsters only work to cheat, then in Surat such fraudulent activities will not be allowed to grow in any way. The aggrieved traders can reach the police station anytime.

He further said that he can go to the higher authority and complain. Apart from this, suggestion boxes are being set up for the traders in all the markets. Any problem of the businessman can be written in it. Police officers will investigate what they see and take legal action. With this work, the traders will get new strength and their work force will increase. This will create a fear-free environment in the market. If police, citizens and traders work together, there will be no room and scope for fraudsters.

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