Surat: The shopkeepers of STM raised questions on the amount of lease renewal being given at Jantri Bhav. Loktej Surat, Business News


face. The premium amount for lease renewal of STM Cooperative Housing Society has been fixed by the Municipal Corporation at Rs 127 crore. Also, its repayment time is fixed at 10 years. But one third of the members of the cooperative society are still apathetic about paying the lease amount to the Municipal Corporation. It is a distant thing for the shopkeeper to fill the five lakh rupees per shop tied in installments by the STM management, on the contrary, they have approached the court. Loktej wanted to know from many members of the STM Cooperative Society that what are the points on which the members of the society disagree or have their displeasure? Because of which he has not yet paid the money or has approached the court?

On this issue, market shop holder Manish Gupta said that although he has deposited five lakh rupees towards the premium amount of the lease decided by the committee, but he disagrees with the functioning of the committee. Gupta said that according to the BPMC Act, the Municipal Corporation cannot demand full money for the land given on lease. However, the rent can be increased at the time of lease renewal. There may be a difference in the present fare as compared to the fare fifty years ago and we are ready to pay an increase in the fare. We are also ready to pay the cost of the land, provided the municipality registers the land in the name of the society.

Petitioner and shop holder of the market, Vikas Gupta, asked a blunt question to the STM committee in the High Court regarding lease renewal and said that why the old lease deed is not being followed? He said that according to the old lease deed, six months before the expiry of the term of fifty years, if the STM Cooperative Society is interested in renewing the lease, it will have to be given in writing to the Municipal Corporation. Then Municipal Corporation and STM committee will sit and decide what will be the new fare? If there is no agreement regarding the fare in the meeting, then there is a provision to go to arbitration. Gupta said that why would the premium amount be at Jantri Bhav? Being Jantri Bhav means that we are paying the price of the land and if we are paying the price of the land then the registry of the land should also be in our name.

According to shopkeeper Jashraj Bhogar, who has always been vocal about the problems in the STM Cooperative Society, the government is asking for money at Jantri Bhav, it is wrong. The agreement of shops is of rent agreement. It is like selling. He said that although I have deposited the amount of five lakhs decided by the committee, but it is only on the basis of relations. Many shopkeepers like us have deposited money on the basis of relationship but they are not agree to the renewal condition.

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