Surat: Tire punctured during landing of Ventura domestic flight. Loktej Surat, Business News


No such major incident has happened so far with Surat’s private airline Ventura Company. But today this accident happened while the flight coming from Ahmedabad was landing at Surat airport. During the landing of the flight, a tire deflated, causing fear among the passengers for some time.

Five passengers lost their lives

The flight of Ventura Domestic Airline Company was landing at Surat Airport. Meanwhile, the pilot noticed that the tire got punctured as soon as the pressure of the flight hit the tyre. When such an incident occurs during landing, it proves to be extremely dangerous. In this domestic flight, about five passengers were coming from Ahmedabad to Surat when this incident happened. The Airport Authority has sought a report of the entire incident from the company.

New tires were installed just a few weeks ago

According to the information received from Ventura company, this aircraft is new and the company has handed it over to us some time ago. The tires fitted to the aircraft are the fault of the aircraft manufacturing company. New tires were installed a week ago. As the aircraft is descending, the tires are not able to maintain sufficient air pressure, causing air leakage. This technical fault is being seen in the company which has installed tires in the aircraft. Although according to the information we have received so far, there has been no further damage, but now we are taking it very seriously.

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