Taking a jibe at Jacqueline proved costly for Mika Singh, jailed conman Sukesh warned

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New Delhi. Alleged swindler Sukesh Chandrashekhar has issued a warning to pop singer Mika Singh in a letter sent from jail.

The controversy between the two personalities started when Mika Singh commented on the photo of Jacqueline Fernandez with Hollywood star Jean-Claude Van Damme, ‘She is better than Sukesh Chandrashekhar.’

Mika had commented on the actress’s Instagram post, “You are looking very beautiful, she is much better than Sukesh.” However, the singer deleted his comment after some time.

In response to this comment, Sukesh, lodged in Delhi’s Mandoli jail, has sent a warning through a letter made public by his lawyer Anant Malik.

In the letter, Sukesh called Mika a “bad man” and criticized his interference in Jacqueline’s life.

Sukesh wrote, “Mika, I understand what you are trying to do. First of all the story is, you are not able to comment on what is good for Jacqueline, I came to know about your comment, first look at yourself, you are not good… I have something to hide Nothing, it’s all out in the open, but you have a lot of garbage, especially about your conduct with women.

“Mika, you better protect your respect and dignity and stop poking your nose into other people’s lives. My friend, next time you won’t get such advice, you will have to face the consequences, your garbage will be out in the open and exposed And there will be a lot of legal cases, due to which you will become bankrupt, I assure you, Mr. Mika Singh.

“To all those wonderful trollers out there, I want to quote an old line from the movie Scarface, you’re all a bunch of cockroaches and you need people like me to point and tell, look, he’s the ‘bad guy’ You people know how to hide and spread hatred, negativity and jealousy.

He said, “Guess I’m not like you, or I have this problem with being open about what I do and having the courage to be all in, and dealing with it on my own terms, so good luck , I don’t give up.”

Sukesh congratulated the actress for her upcoming Hollywood project with Van Damme, “Finally Jackie, my baby, my bomma, I love you madly, don’t worry about all this negativity, I’m here And I will get through it. In the end it’s all about one win streak. Miss you like crazy my rockstar, can’t wait.” (IANS)

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Web Title-Taking a jibe at Jacqueline proved costly for Mika Singh, jailed conman Sukesh warned

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