Talibani Mhorkyala Musk’s prodigy; But Zuckerberg Yanchaya ‘Meta’ La Patdarle! What is the reason?


Pudhari Online Desk : The word Taliban is uttered and the picture of terrorism and exploitation of women in Afghanistan comes in front of the eyes. It is unimaginable to imagine that the social media power will comment on terrorists or Taliban who are in power in Afghanistan. Only Taliban leader Anas Haqqani i.e. Twitter owner Elon Musk is praised. Only then Mark Zuckerberg or Meta company has been reprimanded. (Taliban praises Elon Musk)

Hey, Twitterati woke up, can’t take other platforms

Appreciating Twitter, Haqqani tweeted, “Twitter has two important advantages over other social media platforms. The first privilege is freedom of speech. And another privilege is the public nature and credibility of Twitter. Twitterche metasarke intolerant dhoran nahi. Other platforms cannot take its place, asahi dawa Haqqani yane banana aahe. (Taliban praises Musk)

Taliban praises Musk: Do Taliban hate ‘meta’?

Taliban’s leader has given Twitter priority over Meta Company (formerly Facebook), or Facebook has given answers to questions. Facebook has labeled the Taliban as a ‘terrorist organization’ according to their policies. Because of this the Taliban or
Businessmen were prohibited from sharing their views freely. Instead, Twitter would have given them more freedom to express their views.

Taliban’s Twitterer ‘Meklik’

In particular, the Taliban has an active Twitter account named ‘Islamic Emirate Afghanistan’. So there are about 35 thousand followers. They frequently update accounts with Urdu language posts. Through Twitter, the Taliban can freely convey their message to more people. In Afghanistan, the Taliban and their government have a great deal of freedom to express themselves on Twitter.

Taliban praises Musk : Metavar ‘Taliban’ is a white word

The meta word ‘Taliban’ is written in white. When you would have searched for the word ‘Taliban’ on Facebook, you would have been greeted with worrying messages. This word is often associated with dangerous individuals and organizations, or the word is not allowed on Facebook. As well as we have to start research, we are asked to confirm the same. The word you searched is sometimes related to the activities of dangerous persons and organizations. Those who are banned on Facebook. That’s why Meta Company’s foreign caste would have been clear from the Taliban.

Haqqani i.e. Twitter’s dominance is given, the changes made in Twitter since Elon Musk accepted the post are not interesting to all Twitter users. Since Musk took Twitter, the company’s employee count has decreased by nearly 80 percent. As a result, about 8 thousand people have lost their jobs or lost their jobs. Musk has made a significant change to the policy of prioritizing access to paid members.

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