Talks with China should continue and its every move should be closely monitored.

If China is engaged in maintaining friendship with India’s enemy Pakistan and giving modern weapons, then we are also doing the same to show the mirror to China. China has an evil eye on Taiwan, it wants to occupy it.

Major General level meeting was held between India and China on LAC (Line of Actual Control) in Daulat Beg Oldi and Chushul. Earlier on August 14, a commander level meeting was also held to resolve the dispute. The armies of both the countries are face to face, yet there is talk between the army officers on resolving the border dispute, it is very good. The conversation should continue. If there is talk, there will be a way to solve the problem. The path of reconciliation will be made. If there is no talk of reconciliation, then there will be no bitterness in the relationship. Famous poet Nida Fazli’s lion on such a situation is- Enmity is right, don’t end the relationship, keep holding hands if you don’t get it.

The armies of both the countries are face to face with modern weapons for almost three years. India and China have deployed over 50,000 troops in the eastern Ladakh sector across the Line of Actual Control (LAC). He is very close in many places. There is no solution to the border dispute between India and China. Despite the tension on the border, there is peace. There have been no incidents since the Galwan Valley conflict three years ago and later in 2022 in Arunachal’s Tawang Valley. This is all very nice. Elsewhere, there has been talk at the political level to reduce the border dispute or tension. Politicians are not aware of the real situation. That’s why the solutions to the dispute are also not correct. The army and the army officer know each and every point of the opportunity and the problem. The good thing here is that the high officials of the army are constantly talking among themselves. This creates a mutual trust. Mutual misunderstandings are removed. China cannot be trusted, but it is also good that dialogue should continue to settle disputes among themselves.

Major General level meeting was held between India and China on LAC (Line of Actual Control) in Daulat Beg Oldi and Chushul recently. During this, the ongoing border dispute between the two countries was discussed in detail. Major General PK Mishra and Major General Hariharan represented India. The meeting discussed to find a solution to the issue of Depsang Plain and CNN Junction. This meeting has been done after the 19th Commander Level meeting between India and China on August 14, in which both the countries agreed to resolve the disputes through negotiations and agreements. Daulat Beg is near Oldi Depsang. Where Chinese soldiers continuously create obstacles in the patrolling of Indian soldiers. Whereas Chushul is on the southern bank of Pangong Tso Lake. Where Indian soldiers captured many high places under an operation in 2020. According to the report, in the Major General level meeting, ground rules related to patrolling have been made for the armies of both the countries, so that any further conflict can be avoided. It was also decided that steps would be taken to increase the trust between the soldiers of the two countries. After the Major General level meeting, there will also be a Brigade Commander and Commanding Officer level meeting between the two countries. National Security Advisor Ajit Doval held extensive talks with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi since the 19th round of talks and only the 19th round of Corps Commander talks took place after a gap of four months. With all this going on, the BRICS summit is going to be held in South Africa from 22 to 24 August. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping may meet in this. Earlier, the two leaders had met during the G-20 Summit in Bali last year. There was a meeting between Prime Minister Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping. During the dinner, Modi and Jinping discussed ways to stabilize bilateral relations. Both also discussed the Indo-China border dispute.

There was a violent clash between India and China on the Galvan Valley in eastern Ladakh in 2020, about three years ago. In this, 20 Indian soldiers were martyred, while 38 Chinese soldiers were killed. However, China continued to hide it. Such a situation had arisen after 40 years between the two countries on the Galvan Valley. The reason behind the skirmish at Galvan was that the Indian soldiers had decided to build a temporary bridge at one end of the Galvan river. China had started building infrastructure illegally in the region. Also, was increasing the number of its troops in this area.

When both the armies are face to face, a little misbehavior of a soldier can take the form of a big war. Looking at the attitude of China, India is ready for any situation, yet it should happen that there is no war. War should be avoided. The war badly destroys the economy of both the fighting countries. War pushes back the development of the country. So war should be the last option.

Recent developments have raised concerns about the possibility of future conflict between the two countries. The incoming information suggests that China is preparing for war. The leadership of China is repeatedly ordering the army to prepare for war. The strained relations between India and China have been fueled by recent Chinese provocations. These include the allocation of names for places in Arunachal Pradesh, the denial of visas to Indian media persons, and the President’s statement on war preparations. These incidents have raised concerns about China’s intentions and India needs to be prepared for any eventuality. Although India is not unaware of them. India’s defense preparedness is being reviewed. India is engaged in buying modern weapons, missiles, drones and other modern weapons. Along with this, it is trying to make all the military goods it needs in the country itself. India is engaged in preparing its army for strong and modern warfare. A network of roads is being built along the border. He is developing roads till the border with China and Pakistan. Building an airstrip. Modern aircraft are being deployed at airports adjacent to China-Pakistan.

If China is engaged in maintaining friendship with India’s enemy Pakistan and giving modern weapons, then we are also doing the same to show the mirror to China. China has an evil eye on Taiwan, it wants to occupy it. Knowing this, we have presented our warship equipped with modern weapons to Taiwan.

Till now China’s attitude has been not to fight, but to take advantage by creating pressure on the front country by raising the air of war. But this time he is not able to succeed in his strategy. When China increased its army on the Indian border, India also deployed army on the border. Not only this, we have also deployed modern cannons and fighter aircraft. To talk to China, it is necessary for the person in front to be strong and stand in front with his chest stretched. Today India is in this condition. He has also made it clear that India is ready to protect its interests. At the same time, it has also made its intentions clear by presenting a combat modern warship to Taiwan.

The whole country knows that China is our enemy, can never be a friend. Despite this, in the greed of cheap, we buy goods made in China. Our patriotism is visible only on social media. It is visible on Facebook, it is visible on WhatsApp, it is visible on Instagram. In practice it is not so. After deploying the army on the border of China, the movement to boycott Chinese goods went on in such a way that it seemed that no Indian would buy Chinese made goods. But it has been the opposite. China’s exports to India stood at $56.53 billion in the first half of this year. This is 0.9 percent less than $ 57.51 billion a year ago. This information has been received from the data released by Chinese Customs. At the same time, India’s exports to China totaled $9.49 billion during this period. It was $ 9.57 billion a year ago. In this way, the trade deficit in the first half of the year 2023 has come down to $ 47.04 billion from $ 67.08 billion a year ago. Last year was a bumper year for India-China trade. It reached an all-time high of $135.98 billion last year. In the year 2022, the total India-China trade crossed the figure of 125 billion a year ago with an increase of 8.4 percent. India works to sell raw materials to China, whereas India buys most of the manufactured products in imports from there. Apart from electrical and mechanical machinery, India buys many types of chemicals from China. These chemicals are very important for the Indian pharma industry. Medicines are made from this in our country but their original material comes from China only. On the other hand, India sells cotton, iron and steel, artificial flowers, ore, slag, ash and organic chemicals to China on a large scale. In the year 2021-22, India has bought electronic goods worth about three thousand crore US dollars from China. This includes electrical machinery, equipment, spare parts, sound recorders, televisions and many more.

China’s world trade has dropped by five percent. 0.9 percent less in trade with India does not make any sense. If the reduction in purchases by India from China would have been more than five per cent, then it would be considered that there has been a reduction in trade. India is heavily dependent on China for trade. India will have to reduce the import of goods to zero to bow down to China. Dependence on it has to be reduced. China is similarly in trouble on the internal economic front. If we reduce exports from China, then his mind will be right. All his arrogance will end. To remove China’s arrogance, it is necessary that India should not only make itself self-sufficient in all fields, but at the same time, in order to weaken China, continuously limit trade with it and bring it to zero. The day it happened The same day the mind of China will come to the ground.

-Ashok Madhup

(The author is a senior journalist)

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