Tata company will now make iPhone in India, deal to buy Wistron Corporation for $600 million


Most expensive and most popular mobiles in the world iphone The Tata group is going to buy the Wistron factory in Karnataka of the iPhone maker Apple. In this way, the way for the sale of Made in India iPhone will be paved in India. This will strengthen the country’s economy and a large number of people are also expected to get employment. It is being told that this deal is worth $ 600 million (about Rs 4,946 crore).

Tata will make iPhone in India

after the deal Bye If the iPhone starts assembling, then this will be the first time that an Indian company will assemble the iPhone. It has been told that the talks for this deal were going on for a year. Wistron Corporation’s factory, which assembles Apple’s iPhone, has more than 10,000 employees. Here the iPhone 14 is assembled.

iPhone worth $500 million exported from India

Let us tell you that in the June quarter, this company exported iPhones worth $500 million from India. Apart from Wistron in India, Taiwanese companies that supply iPhones to Apple, Foxconn Technology Group and Pegratron Corporation have also increased production.

Wistron promises to assemble iPhones worth $1.8 billion

If sources are to be believed, Wistron, which assembles iPhones for Apple in Karnataka, has promised to assemble iPhones worth around $1.8 billion in this financial year. The company is looking to triple the number of employees by next year.

iPhone is very popular in the world

Please tell that iPhone is famous all over the world. There is no dearth of iPhone lovers all over the world including India. Now that its manufacturing will start in India, the customers of India will not have to wait long for it. iPhone has said that we are proud that we have partnered with the industry of India. We look forward to signal strength and credibility in the Indian market.

Mobile manufacturing capacity will increase in India

This step of Tata will boost mobile manufacturing capacity in India. It will also have a positive effect on the Indian economy. Not only this, China has got a big blow due to this Tata deal. It was already reported that Apple wants to get out of here by reducing its dependence on China and for this it has chosen India.

Other global brands will also be attracted towards India

It is noteworthy that due to the ever-increasing tension in the relations between Kovid, China and America, Apple has taken this decision as part of its decision to start its production outside China. After this deal, it is expected that other global brands will also move out of China under the supervision of Apple. In such a situation, India would be the best destination for them.

Tata is a 155 year old company

Tata Group is one of the most trusted brands in India. This group is 155 years old business group. Tata company works in the field ranging from salt to iron, cars, buses, trucks and technology. The company has already forayed into the field of electronics and e-commerce.

Wistron was started in India in 2008

It would be relevant to mention here that in the year 2008, Taiwanese company Wistron entered the Indian market. At that time this company used to provide repair facility for many devices. In the year 2017, the company expanded and started assembling iPhones for Apple. The company also continued to manufacture electronics goods on contract for Apple.

Tata will become the first company to assemble iPhone

It is reported that this deal will be signed in August 2023. After this, Tata will do the work of assembling the iPhone in India. In this way, Tata will become the first Indian company to assemble iPhone for Apple.

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